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Written by Kesiniya Rengarajan on September 24, 2020 Share on

Chef Gordon Ramsay is Now Hiring Travel & Food Lovers for His New Show

Have you grown up watching icons like Anthony Bordain, David Rocco, and Peter Kuruvita travelling the world and indulging in mouth-watering cuisines and you couldn’t stop thinking, ‘I wish I could live that life!’?

Maybe you still do?

Well then, we’ve got some exciting news for you: The most iconic Chef of the decade, the one who everyone loves and hates at the same time, the one us foodies would dream about meeting but also be terrified by the very idea, he who is none other than Gordon Ramsay himself, is looking to hire 16- to 21-year-olds who are interested to travel & explore world cuisines for a brand new show!

Studio Ramsay posted a tweet announcing the hiring and the world has blown the news up, just as one would expect.

People from all over the world are hyped up about this opportunity and we can imagine Studio Ramsey being bombarded with applications. But don’t worry, that’s no reason to think you might have no chance of getting in; because if there’s one thing 2020 has wisely taught us, it’s that: You can expect the unexpected.

So, are you thinking about applying? You can also share the news with friends who might also be interested!

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