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Gurudongmar Lake- One of The Highest Lakes In The World!

Gurudongmar Lake is one of the largest lakes in the world and in Asia, situated in the Indian state of Sikkim at an altitude of 5,425 metres. The Buddhists, Sikhs and Hindus find it holy.

Gurudongmar lake sikkim
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Must-Know Before You Go Facts 

Because of the height of the lake and the environmental conditions, it is simple for anyone to realize that there would be several things that need to be learned before going to Gurudongmar for a tip.


The most fascinating aspect about this lake is it’s never fully frozen. For the local population, the lake is the main source of water. There is a philosophical theory that describes this occurrence across the area. In order to make this lake a holy spot, Hindu and Buddhists and Sikhs come together. While Guru Padmasambhava was on his way back from Tibet, it is believed the locals had pleaded for a solution to their perpetual water problem. He was shaken by their pleadings, finding a section of the lake that rarely freezes and is deemed holy as well.

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Local Legends

A range of locals claims that drinking this water could cure women’s fertility problems. This is not a medically established truth and thus it makes sense not to consume the water without any information. Beside the pool, there is also a temple where visitors may give prayers. All around you can find brightly coloured flags which are specific prayers of visiting citizens.

Gurudongmar Lake mountain view
Source: Unsplash

General Tips on Gurudongmar Lake

The Lake is situated at a height of 17,800 feet above sea level. It is one of the highest altitude lakes in the world.

However, it’s also a rather challenging journey because of the altitude and a lot of tourists never make it to the stage. They are either stopped by landslides or the reduced oxygen rates render them tired with respiratory issues, even before they can enter them.

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It is very windy, which makes the place sound even colder than the air itself. As the day progresses, wind intensity keeps on increasing. It is suspected that even afternoon wind will raise stones in nearby the Shore.

Best time to visit Gurudongmar Lake

November is the perfect period for an ordinary visitor who is hoping to see the Lake with all its splendour. Snowfall begins in November and blizzards and snowstorms are only one month out. The ice is partly frozen, the clouds are bright and it can withstand cold. This month’s temperature hovers near -2 degrees a day. 

If the visitor enjoys vibrant flowers and is looking forward to seeing wildflowers in bloom, the perfect time to visit the lake and nearby areas is from April to May. During this season temperatures vary from -2 degrees and 0 degrees.

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