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Top Places to Visit in Greece – Hidden Gems

Greece is known as the cradle of western civilization, the birthplace of democracy, the Olympic Games and its ancient history and magnificent temples. Ancient temples in Greece include the Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens, the Temple of Apollo in Delphi and the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion. Here we take 5-10 mins to know more about the hidden gems of Greece.

Hidden Gems of Greece

  1. Athens
  2. Mykonos
  3. Santorini
  4. Crete

1. Athens

Athens was the largest and most influential city-state in Greece. It had many beautiful buildings and was named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war. The Athenians invented democracy, a new form of government in which all citizens could vote on important issues as if to declare war or not.


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Perfect snap from rooftop of Acropolis

As an alternate with fewer crowds, the next vantage point, and a zero greenback tag (unless you’re nice and obtain a cup of ‘jo at the top side cafe). An attempt looking for the citadel appearance from the gorgeous Athens Gate Hotel. You’ll take the elevator all the high to the Garden Rooftop. Or, if you’re up for a stroll through the Mets neighbourhood, you’ll notice a secret entrance to the park (er, a lot of like a gap within the fence?) at the highest of the steps on Kleitomachou Street where, down the path, you’ll get a good read of Athens and an excellent higher read of the Stadium.

Athens Greece
Image credits: Unsplash

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Day trip to Ancient Greek civilisation

Just hours from Athens, a scenic pressure thru the fertile Peloponnese region, records buffs won’t need to overlook the historical Island of Mycenae. Once the middle of the quite advanced Mycenaean civilization (which Homer wrote approximately with inside the Iliad around 850 B.C.). This 13th-century castle is domestic to one of the maximum iconic archaeological sites in the world.

2. Mykonos

Mykonos is domestic to plenty of Greek and European restaurants. However it’s possibly maximum well-known for its Mediterranean cuisine, sparkling seafood and mezze eating culture. Dishes precise to the island consist of kopanisti, a highly spiced cheese with a fragrant taste, and louza, which is crafted from skinny slices of cooked, highly spiced pork.

Mykonos Greece
Image Credits: Unsplash

Crowd-less experience at Kalo Livadi Beach

Gorgeous seashores on Mykonos’ southern coast abound, however to trap a few rays out of the fray, Kalo Livadi Beach is a beaute. It’s simply over six miles southeast of Mykonos Town and has all of the tender sand, turquoise water, and perspectives of the Mediterranean you can ask for — however with fewer sun-kissed crowds. Bonus: Kalo Livadi also can be reached through public bus.

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Secret to a long life in Ikaria

A two-hour ferry journey from Mykonos is Ikaria, a faraway Greek isle simply off the Turkish coast. However, it’s well-known for an uncommon reason: one in 3 Ikarians stay to be over ninety years old. For that reason, the island has been recognized as certainly considered one among the handiest 5 of the world’s “Blue Zones,”. Or, locations on the earth wherein people appear to stay longer and more healthy than everywhere else. For this reason, the historic baths, and Ikaria’s cuisine (offering goat, neighbourhood honey, and little or no meat and dairy) shouldn’t be missed.

3. Santorini

Arguably is one of the most hidden gems in Greece. ArguThe maximum well-known of the Greek islands. Santorini is straight away recognisable for its whitewashed, cube-formed homes decorated with blue accents. Also, steep cliffs and tangerine sunsets that mild up the sky and sea.

Santorini Greece
Image credits: Unsplash

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Santorini town square

What’s higher than sharing a bottle of wine on a heat summertime season nighttime even as taking in a few outside entertainment?. From historical times, the theatres in Greece had been open-roofed; while cinema turned into born, movies had been frequently proven withinside the “Kafeneions” or theatres withinside the village square. Many nonetheless operate, and the Open Air Cinema (Cinekamari) in Kamari is a top-notch one. It positioned simply throughout from the bus station on the primary street from Fira.


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Roam around seaside village of Pyrgos

If you’re searching for the whitewashed buildings, slim streets, and panoramic perspectives of an iconic Santorini village — strive the comfortable allure of Pyrgos. It’s decidedly much less touristy than Oia or Fira. However simply as replete with old fashioned churches, meandering cats, and beautiful perspectives of the sundown and sea. Pyrgos may have fewer resort infinity swimming pools than its neighbour Fira to the north. However, harkens returned simply as vividly to Grecian villages of yesteryear.

4. Crete

The largest island in Greece, Crete is a diverse and vibrant land packed with ancient ruins, buzzing cities and breathtaking beaches. Many people come here for the sun, sea and sand. Yet the best things to do in Crete include much more than the standard package vacation.

Crete Greece
Image credits: Unsplash

Scenic View of Kato Zakros

For a numerous and scenic drive, take a condominium automobile thru the mountains and alongside Crete’s east coast out to Kato Zakros, a laid-back, beachfront village sitting subsequent to a anciental Minoan palace (additionally domestic to a few epically lovable turtles). After all that exploring you’re going to want platefuls of clean seafood and dakos (Crete’s nearby dish resembling, well, tacos) and thankfully, there are some of beachfront tavernas satisfied to serve.

Explore Spinalonga Island

Just off of Crete’s northeastern coast is a tiny island with a torrid past. Spinalonga became domestic to Arab raids, the violent collision of Venetian and Ottoman empires. And maximum notably, a 20th-century leper colony (shuttered withinside the 1950s)—making this an oft-overlooked, however notable, an island in Greece. So whether or not off-the-beaten-path or simply far from the crowds, this Aegean hit-listing of tour gemstones are unique, budget-pleasant stories a good way to make certain to please!.

Hope you got a better overview of the top places to visit in Greece. Make sure to have a visit to those places on your next vacation. Here are some of the Greece tour packages. Even you can customize your itinerary as per wish your way at Pickyourtrail.

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