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Hiking in Azerbaijan
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Hiking in Azerbaijan: Trek up the magnificent mountains

Azerbaijan is a quaint little country located in both continents of Europe and Asia. Although it is a little less celebrated when compared to other European countries, there are tons of unique experiences that you can look forward to in Azerbaijan. It is home to the most number of mud volcanoes in the entire world which gives away a very distinct smell in the air. While it is bound by the Caspian Sea, on one hand, the majestic Caucasus Mountains protect it on the other. Wouldn’t it just be great to hike up these mountains? Well, that is exactly what we have got covered for you! Here is a list of the best places to take up hiking in Azerbaijan.

1. Trek to the Gelersen-Görersen Fortress

If you are keen about learning more on the history of Azerbaijan, you should definitely Hike up to Gelersen-Görersen Fortress. Located on the banks of the Kish river, you will find it in a state of ruins. It was under the control of the dynasty which ruled in Azerbaijan but was captured by the Persians after a battle. If you are someone who likes to take the path less beaten, this is your go-to trek. The windblown scenery which surrounds you will leave you with an eerie sort of happiness. Once you reach the summit, you will get a stunning view of the river and its valley as well.

Alpine region of Azerbaijan
Image source: Google Images

2. Trek to the Chiraq Qala Fortress

Also known as the Chiraq Castle, it is one of the best places to take up hiking in Azerbaijan. The history of this castle date back to the 5th-century and was a major defence mechanism for Azerbaijan. To reach the castle you will have to hike through Dashlig Yanar village. The beauty of this village and the adjoining countryside is sure to leave you mesmerized. Chiraq Castle is again in the form of ruins, but definitely worth the trekking experience. Once you reach the summit which is at a height of about 1200 metres, you will be in for a surprise! Hold your breath as you soak into the views of the Laza waterfall which emerges from that height. In the meantime, do not forget to capture stunning views of the city itself.

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3. Trek to the Caucasus Mountains

Hiking in Azerbaijan is incomplete without a trek up to this magnificent mountain. Caucasus Mountains are spread across other countries like Georgia, Armenia and even parts of Russia. This trek will suit you only if you are a true trekking enthusiast. An ambitious trekking trail called ‘Transcaucasian Trail’ has begun which urges you to take up this difficult trail. The greenery of the untouched villages on the mountain ranges will leave you with a surreal feel. With the mountains cutting through four different countries, you might even to get an insight into the cultures of other natives. Try out the Baku tour packages here!

Caucasus Mountains
Image source: Pixabay

4. Trek to the Beshbarmag Mountain

Guba in Azerbaijan is home to the Beshbarmag Mountain and this is undoubtedly one of the best places where you should take up hiking in Azerbaijan. Once you reach the summit which is at a height of about 2335 metres, you will also get a chance to traverse through Khinalug which is considered to be the highest village in Europe with regard to location. The greenery which surrounds you in these alpine regions is beyond imagination, especially during the winter and spring. You will definitely be left with an exhilarated feeling after indulging in this particular trek.

Hiking in Azerbaijan
Image source: Google Images

5. Trek to the Church of Kish

You can take up this trek in continuation to the Gelersen-Görersen Fortress Trek. Located on the same hiking trail, you can visit both these places and boast about hitting two targets with one slingshot while hiking in Azerbaijan. This church is of Albanian origin located in the vicinity of Kish village. Although the church is not in perfect condition, it will still leave you awestruck with the architecture it holds. Spending just a few moments in the church will make you believe that you are in a living museum. In case you are tired from all the trekking, you also have an option to take a taxi apart from hiking back down. But do remember that roads will be uneven due to which you might have to endure a bumpy ride!

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6. Trek to Dubrar Dagh

Dubrar Dagh trail starts in the Khizi district of Azerbaijan. You will have the opportunity to climb up two peaks here, namely Dubrar and Kelani. Although you might feel it is tiresome, the views that you will witness along the way and after reaching the peak will be worth all the struggle. It is not an impossible trek to finish but not an easy one either. Get ready to put on your trekking shoes and make sure you are fit before indulging in the Dubrar Dagh trail. With this trek, your dream list of places to go hiking in Azerbaijan will be complete.

Hikers in Azerbaijan
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

There’s your ultimate list of places to look forward to hiking in Azerbaijan. Experiencing the bliss of alpine regions it’s probably a once in a lifetime experience that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Make sure you try out the hiking activity in Azerbaijan at least once, you wouldn’t be disappointed. To help you plan your hiking trails and an ideal vacation, you can trust Pickyourtrail to help you plan the best Azerbaijan tour package. If you require additional support, you can always reach out to our in house experts through WhatsApp right here. Kickstart your plans today and Happy hiking!

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