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thessaloniki hiking
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Hiking tours in Thessaloniki

Are you a backpacker enthusiast? Do you love hiking?

Hiking tours in Thessaloniki are the best you will ever come across among the various activities that you can take up in Thessaloniki in Greece. People spend equal time in their vacation with hiking as they do for the other activities. If you love hiking, then Thessaloniki has a lot to offer for you. Some of the tours wouldn’t suit children as well as family vacationers but if you are a solo traveller or an adventure-loving group, make sure you check it out. This doesn’t mean that family vacationers can’t hike, you do have a few tours which are not very hard to complete.

Most of these tours will take you through gorgeous countryside, across vineyards and olive gardens, woodlands and lush meadows, arresting sea beaches and forested woodlands. Without further due, let’s head right into it to get around a few of the famous hiking tours in Thessaloniki.

Top hiking tours in Thessaloniki


Halkidiki is one of the prettiest vacation retreats of the city which is known for its sandy beaches, gastronomic flavours and a laid back experience. The routes taken can be of longer duration for around 4-5 hours. This tour takes you into the countryside and woodlands.

Seih Sou forest

Seih sou forest, seih sou forest route, thessaloniki hiking route
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Hiking from Thessaloniki can also be done in the Seih Sou forest. Only 15 minutes from the city centre, it lies in the Saint Paul district. The path crisscrosses through numerous trees and grasslands. It is like the city’s own little patch of woods, away from the noise and crowd, but not too far away from all the facilities of an urban centre.


Do you love hiking in a rugged place near the beach? If yes, then you definitely have to try hiking in this heavenly creation – Chalkidiki. There are many routes taken by the hikers from Thessaloniki. But keeping in mind the natural beauty and the landscapes, we would recommend ‘Elia Beach – Agios Pavlos’ route for the travellers.

Elia Beach – Agios Pavlos

Hiking in thessaloniki, Elia beach, Agios Pavlos,
Source: Google Images

The reason to start off with this route is because of its simple route without any major difficulties. It is a nice walk among woodlands and various forest paths that will offer you wonderful views of the seaside and eventually lead you into an olive field!

As the route continues you will reach St Paul’s temple and its beautiful water spring. The magnificent plateau is covered with huge rocks and pine trees while it is full of flowers and several rare plants. During the spring, the entire landscape becomes even more impressive and full of colours, a true stimulation for the senses. This is the highest spot of the mountain line. When you’ll reach it, you’ll have the chance to relax, take your time and enjoy the outstanding view of the entire peninsula! The entire duration takes about 4 to 5 hours.

Hike and Wine Day tour in Naoussa

Forget the volcanic wine of Santorini or the rich flavours of Nemean wines; this is your chance to discover Naoussa, a city with a long wine tradition. This wine and hike tour takes you on a trek on the mountain slopes where you will wander through vineyards and taste the products of two local wineries, paired with a few delicacies. You will return to Thessaloniki with flavorful notes in your head and stomach.

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