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Nightlife In Thessaloniki
Written by Nigilesh on May 21, 2020 Share on

Nightlife In Thessaloniki – Why is it special?

Thessaloniki is the second most populated city next to Athens, has a community of people who love humour and party. People love going out at night. All the more reason to be one of the best nightlife spots in Greece. The city gets alive after the sunset. The place is filled with clubs and restaurants with music blended along the streets. The city’s thousands of students from a buzzing community that has blended well with the locals. You’ll find clubs and bars with a cosmopolitan flair about them; Rebetika (restaurants where live rebetiko music is played); and lively parties hosted by the student community where everyone is invited. The city takes life with every sunset. This blog will help you know how to enjoy the Nightlife In Thessaloniki.

Spots to visit to experience nightlife In Thessaloniki

Romantic Places to experience nightlife in Thessaloniki

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Rooftop bar with beautiful city view

One of the best-known places for the couples to chill is Nikis Avenue. It is located right on the seashore with the views of the sea with mild waves all the time. You can enjoy your drink in a bar with a lovely view of Thermaikos Gulf as well. You get to choose one of the numerous local’s hangouts lining the avenue. 

Kastra is another place to be for those of you with a romantic soul. This is the sloping upward area of the city, offering great views of Thessaloniki. It’s perfect for having your late evening drinks or for enjoying your ouzo with Mezedes (tasty titbits) in the evening in one of the traditional tavernas in Eptapyrgio. It is located at the highest point of Ano Poli area.

Places for youngsters:

If you want to stay around hotspots so that it becomes easy for you to hop from one place to another then the Syngrou & Valaoritou Streets are the city hotspot for the young. You can enjoy the variety of music genres both Greek and foreign, as they can cater to all tastes.

And another place with similar characteristics but a little off from the city centre is Palia Sfageia. where you can find a variety of clubs and the well-known Bouzoukia – Famous greek singers appear with a live orchestra. They cater to the needs of modern people of Greece with a touch of their own music.

thessalomiki night life, bouzoukia,
A singer performing Bouzoukia

Other notable streets:

There are several other streets where you can spend some quality time with the likes of Tsimiski, Mitropoleos, Pavlou Mela, Proxenou Koromila, Egnatia, Svolou and Agias Sofias. These streets are stuffed with bars and cafés with a cosmopolitan ambience or with a relaxed cosy atmosphere; pick the one(s) that best suit(s) your mood.

There is another old marker place area close to the harbour called Ladadika. It is famous for its eateries, bars, bistros, pubs, and restaurants. Saunter along Katouni pedestrian area and enjoy Thessaloniki by night.

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