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Written by Nigilesh on November 14, 2022 Share on

Scuba Diving in Thessaloniki: An enthralling experience!

Thessaloniki is the second-largest city after Athens in Greece in terms of population. Like Athens, this city has some vital pieces of evidence of their culture. One another reason people really adore this place for is its beautiful Mediterranean beaches along the coastline. There is a wide range of watersport activities that you can try out. The major watersports ideas that come up in people’s minds is indulging in snorkelling and waterskiing since this place of the earth follows the Mediterranean pattern of weather. This causes a lack of waves this attribute of the sea has a great affinity for scuba divers.

Scuba diving
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Where to go Scuba Diving in Thessaloniki?

Though the coastline near the city has numerous beaches, there are two notable ones that suit scuba diving and attracts a huge crowd for the same. Both the beaches are situated approximately one hour away from the city centre.

Asprovalta Beach

It is a bright sunny beach which is alive pretty much all around the year. The experience offered by this beach is dynamic, as you get to see different species of marine life while diving at different times of a year. It is a one hour’s drive from Thessaloniki. Due to its vast marine life, this attracts a large portion of the youth crowd. One can pick and choose from the list of water sports activities available, as the list is endless.

Stavros Beach

This beach is another place along the same coastline. This is just a 9 minutes drive away from Asprovalta Beach, and since they are so close to each other, the kind of experience you get would be pretty similar. You can expect this beach to be less crowded than the Asprovalta Beach.

What to expect while diving?

These beaches are a paradise for the marine creatures, as you get to see some rare species of sea animals that you might not see in other parts of the world. The list consists of crabs, shrimp, eels, seahorses, and other easily overlooked invertebrates. If you are expecting to see something grand and big, you may come across dolphins and sea turtles. These beaches are the breeding place for reef sharks. How does diving in the night under the moonlight sound to you? Professional divers and photographers dive in the night to witness the cuttlefish, conger eels and octopus, since that is the time they venture out. This experience will be one of a kind and you can boast about it once you are back from your holiday.

Scuba diving amidst the coral reefs
Image source: Pixabay

When to go diving?

For diving, the apt season would be summer. In the Mediterranean climate, you can expect hot and dry summer weather from July to September, with average temperatures of 27°C/80°F. Winter temperatures drop to an average of 6°C/43°F.  The water temperatures will range between 60˚ and 74˚F (16 and 23˚C) depending on the island, sea, and site. When it comes to visibility, the range is from 6mts to more than 50mts at times, but this completely depends on the season and the destination in which you want to go diving.

Once and for all, Scuba diving, in general, is a very fascinating experience for many people out there. But when you are in a place like Greece, things might get a little monotonous after a while. People might feel overwhelmed because of its pure historic nature. So, scuba diving can be a very good alternative for people to try out when they want a different experience. You wouldn’t find a better zone to scuba dive than here, since the scene underwater in the Mediterranean region, is blissful to watch! What more can I say? Get set for some underwater adventure on your next Greece vacation. Head right away to and start customising your own Greece itinerary. Happy vacay!

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