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Couple in Eiffel tower
Written by Preetha Manivelan on June 12, 2020 Share on

Our Honeymoon Trip To Europe – Happiness Redefined At Its Best

Honeymoon trip is an experience of a lifetime. What makes it sound so special? Because you visit a beautiful destination for the first time after marriage with your hand holding in your partner’s hand or this is a trip that can happen only once? Whatsoever the reason maybe. It indeed is very special to all the newlyweds and cherished even by the married ones. The amazing couple Sivasankar and Lakshmi went on a honeymoon trip to Europe with Pickyourtrail. And here is everything about how their trip went with expectations being fulfilled:

A couple posing in Europe with snow capped sorroundings

About the planning

We started to plan a trip and were thinking about a lot of options. We ended up choosing Europe to be our honeymoon destination as we wanted the trip to be both romantic and adventurous enough. To hand the responsibilities of managing the trip professionally, we are glad that we chose Pickyourtrail. It was recommended to me by one of my friends who worked with Pickyourtrail. As one knows, any Europe itinerary will have France, Switzerland and Italy in it. Even ours had the same 🙂 We planned it in the month of July 2019 to fly in November, the onset of Winter.

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Above the clouds, below the skies, we flew away to realise our dream

A couple on their flights for honeymoon to Europe

At the City of Love

As we wanted our whole vacation to be full of love, the best way is to start with the City of Love. On 7th November, we landed in Paris. The driver was waiting for us at the airport who took us to the hotel. The next day, we went in search of the tall standing beauty and landed in the Eiffel tower. We were just stunned to witness the amazing sight of this wonder.

Eiffel tower is truly a beautiful sight to behold. Honeymoon trip to Europe without visiting this lady in the City of Love would be incomplete.

A view of the Eiffel tower in Paris

Us showing the symbol of love at the Symbol of Love <3

An amazing picture of a couple showing the symbol of love in Eiffel tower

Yayyyy! Switzerland 😀

Being the next city on our itinerary, we set our foot on the soil of Switzerland. We planned our trip to be in Interlaken and explore the entire city as much as possible in three days. Also, we made sure all the activities that we could possibly take from Interlaken. We visited Lake Brienz, Lake Thun and Jungfraujoch. I must say the train journeys in Europe especially in Switzerland during Winter is just mindblowing. That too on a honeymoon trip, with your head on the shoulders of your loved one is something beyond happiness. Because of this very reason, Jungfraujoch stays as one of the best parts of the trip. Oh, wait! Did you notice the excitement when I said Switzerland? Flying itself is exciting. If it’s paragliding, it’s extra exciting. The excitement is because of the Lauterbrunnen paragliding that we had. As adventurous, as we expected it to be.

Flying high with hands spread as wings amidst beautiful snow-capped mountains! Excited us 😀

A picture of a girl flying high on their honeymoon trip to Europe
A picture of a guy flying high on their honeymoon trip to Europe

Travelling on a train with dilute thoughts, calm visions with passing by green icicles.

A picture of beautiful train journey in Switzerland on their honeymoon trip to Europe

When everything was going as per the plan, something came as a surprise. Curious to know what that is? It is when the team of Pickyourtrail arranged a cake to wish us a happy vacation. When we got the cake from the hotel, it not only made us happy but indeed, made our day 🙂

Hey Pickyourtrail! We thoroughly enjoyed your surprise!

A couple posing with a surprise by Pickyourtrail team

Days at Venice

We reached Venice on the third last day on our itinerary. Unfortunately, the floating city was flooding the time we visited. We got stuck in the waters when we were getting transferred to hotel from airport. Because of such heavy floods, we have to change the plan. We couldn’t take the activities planned the next day. The team was available throughout to connect with the suppliers for refunds and hotel for transfer. Though they would have had many customers in Venice, they never delayed their responses. Fortunately, on the final day in Europe, with the help of hotel people, we reached the airport by a private van. Though we couldn’t explore Venice, it was one exciting experience. I think Pickyourtrail won’t mind including this again in our next Europe trip 😛

Overall, we had a very nice time that both of us would cherish all our life. The only tough part that we had on the whole trip was bidding goodbye to the beautiful land, unforced smiles, scrumptious food and most importantly, the magical weather. This trip was one of the best things happened and would stay that way for sure!

A picture of a girl standing in the picturesque roads of Europe

About the itinerary

Pickyourtrail beautifully crafted the itinerary for us. The 8 days of adventure and audacity which Pickyourtrail understood and framed our time well. I would even recommend the team to use this itinerary as a template as the activities planned, the time at the trains was booked, the suppliers they have booked us with, everything was more than perfect. In this itinerary, Pickyourtrail hasn’t given even the slightest chance of someone’s trip to have any hindrance.

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Why Pickyourtrail?

My wife and I, both felt very comfortable with Pickyourtrail right from the planning stage to the support. The way the itinerary was crafted to how professionally they handled those Venice situations, we both were impressed to a different level. Ain’t this everything that we expect from our trip planner? The team did that. On the whole, the service was exceptional. We were welcomed with a surprise gift when we reached Swiss and it was overwhelming. With hearts filled and our dreams realised, we would definitely recommend Pickyourtrail to all our friends and family who wants to have their trip taken good care of without any hassles like how we had 🙂 Not just our honeymoon trip to Europe, we are looking forward to planning our upcoming vacations too with these awesome planners.

Cheers to the amazing trip and Pickyourtrail Team!

A pictures of two glasses kept on the table with beautiful skies above

Beautiful, isn’t it? I am sure your answer will be a big YES. So, when are you planning to fly to a beautiful destination like Europe like how this amazing couple did? Head to the Pickyourtrail website and check out some Europe Honeymoon Packages. And, we will make sure you have a hassle-free experience with seamless customer service via the application. Let us know your choices and we will craft it in the best way possible 🙂

Happy exploring! 🙂

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