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15 Romantic Things to Do in Europe for Couples in 2021

Europe is that the perfect destination for a romantic city break. Paris is that the city of eternal love. Venice is a passionate lovers’ destination. Prague the right destination for a romantic getaway at a low cost. Europe may be a buzzing place that features a lot to supply to anyone who is seeking something special. For couples, visiting a number of these romantic destinations in Europe may be healthy thanks to boosting the connection and also to enjoy a soothing time far away from reality, and escape the strain we get from our busy careers.

Vernazza, Italy ( Image credits – Unsplash )

European countries have had time to perfect urban planning and obtain conveyance in check. This makes getting around so easy! Travelers can enjoy a spread of sights during a relatively short space of their time. This includes many countries within the ECU Union also as cooperating countries like Switzerland, Venice, Italy. Winding waterways and pastel piazzas make Venice a clear choice for the world’s most romantic city!

Whether you’re celebrating your honeymoon, valentine’s day, or simply taking a romantic city tour with bae, you’ll be spoilt by choice of the various romantic experiences in Europe. So, with none further ado, let’s check out the 15 fun and best romantic things to do in Europe for couples who want to celebrate their love in an adventurous way.


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15 Amazing Romantic Things to Do in Europe

  • Go on a gondola ride in Venice, Italy
  • Experience the Sunset in Santorini, Greece
  • Take a horse carriage ride in Vienna, Austria
  • Get lost in Bruges, Belgium
  • Explore the Scottish Highlands
  • Watch the Northern Lights in Norway
  • Swim in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  • The Love Heart Bridge in Poland
  • Sail through the Canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Take a romantic walk hand in hand in Paris, France
  • Sail the Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Wander around the Amalfi coast, Italy
  • Paraglide in France
  • Go on a Wine tasting tour in Valencia, Spain
  • Experience Ranch life in Seville

1. Go on a gondola ride in Venice, Italy

There is no great definition for romance like 2 lovers riding on a gondola as they meander through the romantic canals of Venice. Whether it’s paddling through the canals or the narrow routes between buildings, the cool breeze from the lake will create a good more romantic feel to the experience.

Gondola ride in Venice
Gondola ride in Venice, Italy ( Image credits – Unspalsh )

To make it even more magical, choose a sunset gondola ride to not only have the texture of riding on Venetian boats but also to enjoy the views of the sunset with a backdrop of pretty buildings along the shores.
Gondola rides vary in prices counting on whether it’s a shared ride or a personal one but since you’re on a romantic getaway, a touch splurge would be great by choosing this private ride as you furthermore may get to experience the warmth and rush that everybody who rides on this incredible traditional boat gushes about.


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2. Experience the Sunset in Santorini, Greece

If you ever craved watching a magical sunset, then head to Oia in Santorini.

Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece ( Image credits – Pixabay )

Don’t let the large crowds at Oia cause you to think that the experience is going to be less romantic, no, but will rather cause you to want to stay going there to share beautiful love stories together with your spouse as you enjoy the breathtaking sunsets over the waters of this Greek Island. So if you usually wanted to share that have you see on the various postcards of a magical sunset, windmill, and blue-domed churches together with your love, then head to Santorini. You’ll be treated to at least one of the best evenings within the world.

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3. Take a horse carriage ride in Vienna, Austria

If you’ve been to Vienna before or maybe just examine it, you recognize that there’s nothing fancier than seeing the gorgeous city from a horse carriage ride.

Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria ( Image credits – Unsplash )

This 19th-century sort of transportation will cause you to desire royalty. You get to sedately moved round the city and sharing that moment together with your lover will even be more magical. Rub your lover’s hand as you admire the good architecture on your way through the old town!


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4. Get lost in Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium
Bruges, Belgium ( Image credits – Unsplash )

One of the foremost romantic cities in Europe is best enjoyed without a guidebook. Meander past picturesque canals covered by pretty bridges and fine medieval architecture, including the UNESCO listed square. Of course, when you’re in Belgium it might be a criminal offense to not sample a number of their world-famous chocolate. Try stopping by Sukerbuyc Katelijnestraat, alittle family-run café that gives homemade chocolate with every hot drink served.

5. Explore the Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands
Scottish Highlands ( Image credits – Unsplash )

With its wild rugged landscapes, ancient woodlands, and historic castles, the Highlands is one among the foremost underrated romantic destinations in Europe. In these areas, the lakes and woods have a stunning stillness and therefore the landscapes are virtually unchanged for many years. Worried that the wind and rain will start getting you down? Don’t worry you’ll always warm up again by your cozy cabin fire.

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6. Watch the Northern Lights in Norway

Northern lights, Norway
Northern lights, Norway ( Image credits – Unsplash )

Watching the aurora borealis seems to be high on everyone’s bucket list, and who better to experience it with than the love of your life? Winters in Norway enjoy the quiet of a lull in tourism also because of the exceptional views of the Northern lights. To crank the romance up a gear try one among the cosy fisherman’s cabins and enjoy the beautiful experience.

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7. Swim in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland
The Blue Lagoon, Iceland ( Image credits – Unsplash )

This is one among the experiences in Europe that atop many traveler’s bucket lists – and it’s very easy to ascertain why. If doing outdoor adventurous activities isn’t your thing otherwise you just want to require an opportunity from it as you enjoy quality time together with your spouse, then spending each day at the spa at a geothermal sea in blue lagoon Iceland is that the perfect romantic activity.


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8. The Love Heart Bridge in Poland

Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw, Poland ( Image credits – Unsplash )

This little hidden gem of Bridge may be a couples’ haven that brings out all the flames among lovers. The presence of the three hearts on the bridge is why most couples fall crazy with it and its shimmering lights in the dark adds to the magic. As though this magic isn’t enough, you get to experience this for free of charge making it one among the free romantic things to try to do in Europe.

9. Sail through the Canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands

There is nothing more romantic than sailing through the canals of Amsterdam together with your beloved by your side. And at sunset, the cruise is even more magical. to form it even more romantic, book a candlelit dinner cruise to share a gorgeous moment together with your loved one!

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands ( Image credits – Unsplash )

No wonder Amsterdam is usually mentioned as ” the Venice of the North.”
And if you would like to cruise just you and your beloved as you notice out the gorgeous places in Amsterdam, it’s possible to rent a personal boat and sail your love away.


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10. Take a romantic walk hand in hand in Paris, France

Paris, France
Paris, France ( Image credits – Unspalsh )

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Is there anything that’s not romantic in Paris? Certainly not!
It’s probably why it’s mentioned because the city of affection because even something as small as walking while holding hands becomes so romantic as long as you are doing it from Paris. And since a visit to Paris isn’t complete without visiting the Eiffel Tower, experiencing this great European landmark at the time when it glitters (every hour at night) as you hold hands together with your lover is going to be the foremost romantic thing you are doing in Paris.


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11. Sail the Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey

Forget about the countless thing to try to do in Istanbul, cruising the Bosphorus is that the most romantic of them!

Bosphorus strait  Istanbul, Turkey
Bosphorus strait Istanbul, Turkey( Image credits – Unsplash )

The idea of crossing from Europe to Asia in only a few minutes makes the experience of sailing on the Bosphorus strait even more romantic. There are both daytime and nighttime cruises but we like to recommend going for an evening cruise for a true romantic treat.


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12. Wander around the Amalfi coast, Italy

If you’re one among those road tripper couples, then driving the Almi coat is going to be one among the simplest romantic experiences in Europe for you. On this drive, you won’t be just on a romantic road trip but also on one among the foremost beautiful drives within the world and also one enlisted as a Unesco heritage site.

Italy coast
Italy coast ( Image credits – Unsplash )

13. Paraglide in France

Paragliding in Dune du Pyla is certainly not for the faint-hearted and may be done by only adventure thrill seekers quite couples. Not everyone would want to swing within the air sort of a bird with many meters above the bottom.

Paragliding ( Image credits – Unsplash )

However, those that combat the challenge are rewarded with mesmerizing scenic views while getting a bird’s eye of the incredible sand dunes landscape. This truly is one among the foremost fulfilling and adventurous experiences a few on a romantic retreat in Europe should do.


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14. Go on a Wine tasting tour in Valencia, Spain

wine tasting
Image credits – Unsplash

If you’re a few that’s always searching for brand spanking new sorts of wines to taste – then why not head south to Valencia in Spain. Obtain tipsy from the gallons of wines you’ll land your hands on. To make your experience more romantic and memorable, choose a hot air balloon flight through the vineyards.


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15. Experience Ranch life in Seville

Image credits – Unsplash

Formerly a neighborhood of a thriving olive estate, the 18th century Hacienda de San Rafael is where a slower pace of life comes as standard. Find it in glorious rural surroundings between the cities of Seville and Jerez. The ranch-style boutique retreat is whitewashed to a T and mixes a country charm with contemporary chic. Sip sangria whilst watching the sunset, take breakfast within the pretty courtyard .


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