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Evreux in France
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Top Things To Do In Evreux On Your France Vacation

Evreux is unlike many French regions. Slowly becoming a popular tourist spot and worth a visit, this tiny city is nice. Often renowned for its cultural, historical and creative heritage, this is a religious and administrative centre of the Euro region. Evreux is a smaller but lovely tourist spot worth exploring. Many of the unusual stuff to do and locations you will visit in this secret destination can impress you. Here, on your route to Le Mans or Paris, you should definitely schedule a few hours of a side ride. Perhaps you would once more like to visit Evreux again, take a break and relax. Throughout the middle of Evreux, you can see the ruins of the Gallo-Roman walls. The ancient settlement of nuns in the old town Gisacum, where an extensive swimming complex was excavated. Check out some of the best things to do in Evreux on your vacation!

A Visit to the Bishop’s Palace

One of the top things to do in Evreux! Firstly, designed on the Gallo-Roman wall and the palace dates from the 15th century. It is next to the Evreux cathedral and has a gothic style. At four floors in height, the palace is definitely spectacular and houses the city museum. Within the Palace of the Bishop, there is a museum of art and literature that exhibits fascinating collections of abstract pieces of art. Indeed, before you step in, just look outside: towers, mullioned windows, painted doorways and the elegant, dormy windows on the top floor, lined with pinnacles.

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Explore the Iton:

Iton in Evreux
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In Roman times, the walls were added to the Iton River; and later, the river served for the riverside mills, providing water and power plants for dyers and tanners. You can see the walls established around the Iton in Roman times. Also, used to supply water for dyers, tanners and power stations for the waterfront industries. Another of them, the Moulin de Navarre (Moulin de Navarre), continues in excellent shape and also has its electric motor which had been built in 1893.

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Arbr’en Ciel

This ‘Accrobranche’ park is available every day if you are here for young people during school holidays. This course situated in a glorious part of the mountains, just 5 minutes from the centre of Evreux and the Domaine du Chateau de Trangis. In the mountains, elevated over the mountain floor for the uninitiated courses of chains, zip lines, monkey ladders and Himalayan bridges. There are 7 courses of over 80 sports, all of which are enjoyable for everyone. Throughout the park, there are children’s playgrounds and even picnics. Lastly, the five courses are all challenging and five minutes from Évreux are located in dense oak woodland.


Gisacum in Evreux
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Nearly 2000 years ago two cities were built in that region by the Gallic Aulerques Éburovices tribe. A few kilometres south from Evreux town centre, the archaeological site of Gisacum. It is an interesting place to discover the past of a big Gallo-Roman temple region. Mediolanum Aulercorum, modernized by Évreux, and Gisacum became something like a Christian refuge seven kilometres south-east. When you are at this location, you may visit the old baths in an archaeological area. The field later excavated since the beginning of the 1800s and you can also see several objects excavated at the Evreux Museum. You can access the field every day from March to November. The Gisacum, now a place of archaeology after excavation has become accessible to tourists.

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Evreux Cathedral

Another must place in and should be on the top things to do in Evreux! Firstly, the cathedral of the city is a must-visit on the list, made from chalk and with an incredibly complicated facade on the north face. It is also a regional park in the Normandy region of France. Throughout its day there was a litany of controversies that really clarified the combination of models: it restored in the Flamboyant Gothic later when the house almost demolished in 100 Years’ War, with Renaissance modifications in the 16th century. The bell tower is in the north. The church founded in 1392 and cam to completion in the 14th century.


Saint-Taurin in Evreux
Image Credits: Google Images

In Evreux, this is another Henge social. The church is close to the cathedral in many architectural designs and building times. In the 15th century, the house was rebuilt and the combination of Gothic and Renaissance style was intact. The significant medieval baptismal basins and the stained-glass are both impressive items inside the cathedral. Its the reliquary of St Taurin, dated back to the 1200s and regarded as an outstanding example of medieval golden craftsmanship. Along the path to this Cathedral, your eyes can see the detailed design of a Gothic model Cathedral, which is a shrine holding the relics of St. Taurin, nearly a meter long and sumptuously adorned with silver.

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Firstly, take a seat by the main fountain at Place du General-de-Gaulle and enjoy the beautiful monuments all around the place. Designed by the architect Charles Genuys and the sculptor Louis-Emile Decorchemont of Ebroic the monument stands from 1882. The fountain at the front dates back to 1882 and was a collaborative collaboration between the architect Charles Genuys and the sculptor Louis-Émile Décorchemont. It epitomizes a young lady wearing Evreux’s coat of arms. The two children are tributaries; the Iton and the Rouloir. Also, don’t miss out to shortlist this place on your list of things to do in Evreux!


Rampartsin Evreux
Image Credits: Google Images

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The last one on the things to do in Evreux list! Firstly, the ramparts of Evreux were built to protect the city from raids. The overall range was over a kilometre and a nine-hectare field was enclosed. There are plenty of little traces that remain, along the Rue Saint-Louis, outside the Mediatheque, and along the Iton road. Although the most photo-friendly shot at the base of the cathedral and episcopal palace, from the kink in the Ilot known as the Mirroir d’Eau.

Finding this guide useful! Reasons outnumbered for you to kick-start your bookings to this amazing city. Evreux is going to be a delightful experience for you filled with adventure, luxury and tasteful experiences. We at Pickyourtrail make sure our best travel experience is put into crafting your itinerary with the best things to do in Evreux. Also, check out the top holiday packages and start planning your vacation! Happy travelling with your loved ones! Also, feel free to drop a  Whatsapp inquiry for any queries!

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