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Parliament building, offbeat things to do in Budapest
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Here’s what you can do with the Budapest card in 48 hours!

Skip the eternal queues in the Buda Castle, ride around for free, enjoy Budapest’s famous steam baths at zero cost — if this is your idea of a Budapest vacation, you should absolutely get the Budapest Card!

About Budapest Card:

The Budapest Card is your golden ticket to move around in Budapest with unbelievable discounts to key attractions. It is available for 24, 48 and 72 hours. Choose one depending on how long you’re staying, and usually, 48 hours card is the most preferred one. Collect the card from your hotel and you’re good to go! For more information, head here.

? Interestingly, Budapest is a city split into two further cities on either side of river Danube. All the famous experiences in Budapest lie in these two cities, explore them through the free walking tours offered by the 48 hours Budapest card.

Itinerary for 24 hours in Buda

10 AM:
? Budavari Siklo is the nearest funicular station to the Buda castle.
Buda Castle
➤ Steeped in the pride of royalty, the Buda Castle that was once home to Hungarian emperors looks straight out of fairy tale! Adore the Baroque architecture, fresco ceilings and medieval sculptures. Please note, the card doesn’t include entry into the building.
➤ The Szechenyi Chain Bridge — walk over the iconic landmark in the entire Budapest with breathtaking views on either side.
➤ From the Clarke Adam Square, ride the funicular atop the Castle Hill. The views are worth it!
12 PM:
? Ride the Szell Kalman ter Metro from Clark Adam ter to Donati utca and walk for 100m.
Fisherman’s Bastion
➤ Coffee with a view atop an ancient marvel that was once a militaristic watchtower — all that the Fisherman’s Bastion is about. You have a quaint cafe on the terrace where you can sit and watch live unravelling in Budapest city. The card gets you free on the lower balconies and gives 10% discount for entry into the terrace.
➤ Check out the famous statue of St. Istvan and learn the history behind.
➤ Visit the Hospital in the Rock if you’re into world war legends. You’ll be fascinated!
2 PM:
? Every Buda walking tour leaves from the Holy Trinity Statue at 2 PM and lasts for about 2.5-3 hours. Both the tours operate on all days, including holidays and during rainy/snowy weather.
Buda walking tour
Follow the historic trail of the city that’s a refreshing mix of culture and contemporary — at zero cost with the Budapest card! As soon as you enter, there are the iconic Chain Bridge and the Buda castle competing for attention. The Fisherman’s Bastion and the Matthias Church, on the other hand, are too good to be even missed. Well, you need not choose! Adore everything at your own pace while listening to the audio guide on the stories these places were built on. It comes with the Budapest card.
5 PM:
? The tour ends near the Matthias Church. You can walk to the destination.
Matthias Church
➤ The Fisherman’s Bastion is more often than not referred to as the Grand Entrance to the Matthias Church. Visit this ornate Gothesque church if you’re into history and European architecture. Free entry is included without a guide.
➤ Time-travel to prehistoric Hungary by catching a short movie in 3D past, a 3D theatre in a 700-year-old cathedral.
➤ Taste wine in what looks like an underground cave, the Faust wine cellar.
6 PM:
? Ride the Szentendre train from Batthyany ter to Margit hid HEV Station, your destination is 400m away.
Lukacs Baths
➤ Thermal baths are a spa offering heated by natural hot springs. Budapest is very popular for its thermal bath attractions. The Budapest card allows free entry to the Lukacs bath, where you can relax and enjoy the medicinal wellness of thermal baths.
➤ The common bath is free, however, you need to pay for specific activities like sauna, spa and salt rooms.
➤ Check if any party is scheduled for the day. Don’t think twice if there is one, as the seasonal parties here at the Lukacs bath are nothing short of amazing.

Itinerary for 24 hours in Pest

10 AM:
? The Pest walking tour starts from Vaci Utca street at 10 AM and lasts for about 2.5-3 hours.
Pest walking tour
If you think your Buda tour was the best, and they are, you can’t decide just yet. Pest city, dotted with famous opera houses, underground ruin bars and thermal baths(See? hot spring baths are not to be taken lightly in Budapest!), is a world unto itself. Cross the famous Hungarian Opera House, learn the political trail of Hungary’s proud capital and resort to a lively neighbourhood like the Great Market Hall short after, for chitty chat sessions with your pals!
1 AM:
? Budavari Siklo is the nearest funicular station to Buda castle.
Erzsebet Square
➤ The Erzsebet Square can be your idea of a perfectly relaxed picnic, kickup some fun riding Budeapest’s Eye, the Ferris wheel and settle down from some time.
➤ Visit the Great Market Hall, stop, shop and socialize with the locals. This is also a good place to pack a bunch of souvenirs including the Ajka crystal. Also, buy a food souvenir or two — you’ll have a lot of options here.
➤ Visit the Szechenyi Square that on any day brims with activities to do. Favourite of all is to enjoy the views of the illuminated Chain Bridge at night.
3 PM:
? Ride the Deli Palyaudvar M train from Deak Ferenc ter to Kossuth Lajos Ter and walk for 350m.
Hungarian Parliament Building
➤ Visit the iconic Hungarian Parliament Building, a powerful symbol of Budapest’s sovereignty. This spot is Budapest described in a single frame, thanks to its serendipitous location on the banks of Danube.
➤ Stop by to see the Shoes on the Danube bank is a memorial commemorating the Jews who were killed in WWII.
4 PM:
? Travel from Kossuth Lajos Ter to Deak Ferenc ter by riding the M2 Line, shift to Mexikoi ut and reach Szechenyi furdo. Walk for 500m.
Vajdahunyad Castle
➤ The Vajdahunyad Castle was built to celebrate 1000 years of Hungary in cardboard and wood(!). It was rebuilt in stone thanks to its popularity and is open for visits. It closes at 5 PM.
➤ This neighbourhood is mostly hot springs, monuments and historic statues. Feel free and wander around. You might bump into something amusing!
5:30 PM:
Walk along Hosok tere street for 550m.
Museum of Fine Arts
➤ From bearded warriors to Flemish paintings, the Museum of Fine Arts has a fascinating collection of antiques. Entry is free.
➤ Check out the collection of Franz Xaver Messerschmidt’s famous medallion artworks.
➤ You’ll find the Palace of Art right around, which stages contemporary art. Otherwise called as the Mupa Museum, this place is a must-visit.
7 PM:
? Walk via Kos Karoly stny street for 550m.
Szechenyi Thermal Bath
➤ Visit the Szechenyi, and not just because it is the largest medicinal bath in Europe. Ornate outside, wellness inside, this ancient hot spring abundant with rich minerals will be beyond soothing. You get 20% discounts on baths, and the card doesn’t cover a spa or any additional treatments.
➤ And hey, choose one of the many spa places around the area and tuck yourself for the rest of the day. No rush, the Szechenyi is well awake till 10 PM.

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