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How to reach Bali from Bangalore
Written by Dikshya Shaw on November 16, 2022 Share on

How To Reach Bali From Bangalore

There are many ways to reach Bali from Bangalore, but taking a flight from Bangalore to Bali is the smartest option. You will need approximately 8 hours to reach Bali from Bangalore by flight. Bangalore or Bengaluru, the most advanced city of the nation, is progressing in terms of its connectivity within the country as well as with different parts of the world. You can find many buses, trains and flights operating in the area. As a result, this wide range of options makes the commutation to and from Bangalore very easy. Below is some of the necessary information that will help you gather a lot of knowledge on how to reach Bali from Bangalore.

A statue in a temple in Bali, Indonesia, How To Reach Bali From Bangalore
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Reaching Bali From Bangalore

Reach Bali From Bangalore
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If you are looking for Bangalore to Bali flight, here is all you need to know. To save time and for your convenience, pick the airport that is closest to your destination. Ngurah Rai Airport is the nearest airport to Bali, and the IATA code for it is DPS. Presently, 8 airlines operating flights are there between Bali and Bangalore. Did you know approximately 12 flights from Bangalore to Bali take off every week?

Bangalore to Bali airfare

Bangalore to Bali airfare, Mount Agung in the sunrise, Sidemen, Bali, Indonesia
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For a Bangalore to Bali flight, you will have to pay a minimum airfare of 26,122 INR, which in extreme cases can go up to 2,16,613 depending on the availability, booking time and route.

Moreover, it’s highly recommended that you book a round-trip, as it always works out to be more economical.

Flight Details from Bangalore to Bali

Flight Details from Bangalore to Bali, Tanah Lot, Bali
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Are you looking for Bangalore to Bali flights? If yes, you have come to the right place. There are many options of flight which you can avail of. Did you know many reputed airlines are presently offering both direct and indirect flights between the two locations? Some of them include Spicejet, Vistara, Air India, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Garuda Indonesia, Malaysia Airlines and many more. But, among them, none operate direct flights. More travel time is involved in indirect flights, but they cost lesser in comparison to direct flights.

All the above airlines operate 2 flights each.

If you want to board the first Bangalore to Bali flight, you should choose Malaysia Airlines. Its time of departure is 00:20. Vistara and Malaysia Airlines are the last flights for this route. Their departure time is at 19:55.

Tips for Your Bali Tour

  1. Avoid plastic water bottles. Locals remove up to 60 tons of water bottles per day in the monsoon season. There are many water filters available in several cafes and restaurants, which you can use for free or for a small amount.
  2. Be cautious of wild and stray animals. Rabies and other diseases are serious risks in Bali. Moreover, Bali’s monkeys are notorious for their thieving ways.
  3. Respect religious customs. Dress properly when visiting temples and holy sites. Bali shuts down for the day on Nyepi, so plan your travel accordingly.
  4. Expect crowds in southern Bali and Ubud. But, if you are determined, you will find corners, which do not cover the high flow of tourists. However, it is not easy to forget that Bali is one of the most touristed islands on Earth.
  5. Indulge in Balinese culture surely.

Now, as you have read through the process and necessary steps to travel to Bali from Bangalore, don’t wait more and pack up your bags for a fun-filled Bali vacation. Also, Bali culture is vast and its people are the sweetest of all. Go to Pickyourtrail and choose one of the best Bali packages or Bali honeymoon packages. Additionally, you can customise your Bali itinerary and choose what suits you the most.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Your Bali Trip

After booking a ticket for Bangalore to Bali flight, how can I get a boarding pass?

Share your booking information at the airport to avail your boarding pass. After verifying your details, your boarding pass will be handed over to you by the staff. Also, you can go to the airline’s website for web check-in and take a printout of your boarding pass.

Do I need to present an ID proof during check-in?

Yes, you must present your passport during check-in for your international flight.

What benefits do business class provide over the economy class?

Business-class offers personalised services, spacious seats and fancier meals that make travelling in it worth the high price. Additionally, several airlines offer access to airport lounges. Here, you can relax and entertain yourself while waiting for the flight.

How many seats can I reserve in a single booking?

Reservation of seats up to 9 people in a single transaction is allowed.

How much time is taken to get notice on the confirmation of a flight ticket?

Within a few minutes, you will get a ticket confirmation on your registered email address.

If I lose my baggage from Bangalore to Bali flight, how can I recover it?

Register a complaint with your airline. Also, you must provide them with the documentation of your address, ID and travel for recovering your lost baggage.

Are sleeping areas provided from Bangalore to Bali flight?

Yes, many airlines provide space for sleeping. However, in many cases, this service is only available on a pay per use basis.

What classes are mostly booked for Bangalore to Bali flight?

Most travellers prefer economy or business class tickets for Bangalore to Bali flights.

Can the payment be later made for flight tickets for Bangalore to Bali?

No, currently, Pickyourtrail does not offer this option for flight bookings.

How much baggage should I carry on a Bangalore to Bali flight?

Contact the airline for specific details regarding this, as each one has a different baggage policy.

Can tickets for another person be booked from my account?

Yes, you can book tickets for another person from your account.

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