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How to Reach Bali by Air, Road, Water Explained

Bali is the most favourite tourist destination of all the Islands in the Indonesian archipelago. The Island’s beauty attracts 7 million tourists per year. In addition to being the most favorite honeymoon destination, Bali is also the best choice for a family vacation. The region is also alive with backpackers and a vibrant digital nomad community because it’s the best vacation spot offering exciting options for meditation, yoga, nightlife, water sport adventures like rafting, surfing, trekking adventures and many more. It’s a destination that can delight everyone with its heart-stopping scenery, water sport adventures, authentic cuisine, age-old culture and traditions, and lovely people. Teeming with crowds from all over the world, Bali is the most happening holiday spot to visit in any season. But before that the basic question – how to reach Bali?


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Bali By Road :

For road trippers, those who are excited to live the gypsy life, Bali cannot be directly reached via road. The route starts from India, takes you to Thailand via Myanmar, then takes you to Malaysia. From Malaysia you can choose to drive till Singapore. However once you reach Singapore, there are only ferry options available towards Jakarta. From Jakarta, steering 1200 km down, you can reach Bali. Although there is a lot of pleasure in road tripping, it takes almost 2 weeks to reach Bali, which is not recommended at all. Make sure that you carry a valid visa and International road permits with you. It’s important that you carry the permits with you as you are crossing international borders on your trip to Bali. To highlight, road trips can be really expensive compared to other means of travel, it is also tiring as there is really a lot of driving before you reach your vacation spot.

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Travel Tips :

1. Make sure that you pack light, you will want to carry all the pair of jeans you own, but remember packing too much can be a trouble later.

2. Purchase all of your insurance requirements well in advance before you venture into the road.

3. Make sure that you stock up food items including protein bars, canned juices.

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