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Dohany Street Synagogue
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Travelling to Hungary in December

Imagine that you are on lush green mountains with the Danube river passing through it serenely? Doesn’t it sound beautiful? Most of the people head to Hungary to escape the stress of daily and tedious life. Budapest is the glamourous capital of Hungary that is brimming with large lakes, thick forests, and huge churches.

The architecture and culture of this place will definitely grab your attention. Visiting Hungary in December will make your vacation truly memorable as it is a season of love where the exchange of gifts takes place with warm Christmas wishes. Mentioned below is a winter guide that will help you explore Hungary full fledge. You can enjoy amazing fun activities like sleighing, ice-skating, or skiing during the month of December.

Hungary Skyline
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Weather in Hungary in December

Weather plays a key role while planning your vacation. Days in winter month are extremely short and it has only 8 hours of daylight. Weather in Hungary in December is extremely cold during the nights but the day is quite pleasant. The average temperature in December is not more than 1°C. During the afternoon, the mercury elevates up to 3°C while at night, the temperature may drop up to -1°C.

Top places to visit in Hungary in December

If you are visiting Hungary in December, then here are awesome places to explore during winter.

1. Miskolctapolca

Hungary - Miskolctapolca
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Pamper yourself at Miskolctapolca, which is one of the most sought-after places to visit in December. Rejuvenate yourself at the baths, pools, and spa treatments, where you can completely feel relaxed. Give your body a warm therapy during the cold days. The salt in the water is supposed to be great for joint pain and soreness. You can immerse in the water for a longer time as the content of salt is quite less. This is a photograph worthy place.

2. Lake Balaton

Enjoy the scenic beauty of the freshwater lake named Lake Balaton. The area that surrounds the lake is rich with diverse species of animals and plants. Visit the wildlife reserve located in Tihany Peninsula and extensive reedbeds near Keszthely where the water birds rest. The area is very fertile at the south border of the lake while at the northwest side, there are volcanic soils that are notable as a wine-growing area.

3. Aggtelek Karst

The unique cave formations of Aggtelek Karst are truly amazing. You can find ample stalactites and stalagmites, once you enter the cave. The beauty of the structures formed by the dripping of water will definitely draw your attention.

4. Dohany Street Synagogue

Dohany Street Synagogue
Image Credits: Google Images

Witness the true beauty of Hungary in December at Dohany Street Synagogue. It is the largest Synagogue in Europe. Also, if you want to know about the history of Hungary, then this place is a must-visit. This place was bombed in the second world war and was later restored during the 1990s. The design of this church is built in Moorish style and also showcases an intricate mixture of Gothic, Byzantine, and Romantic styles. Dohany Street Synagogue features memorial, graveyard, and the Heroes Temple.

5. Festetics Palace

Festetics Palace is a fabulous masterpiece in Baroque style. This palace was renovated plenty of times and finally has reached its glory. In this palace, you can find the architecture and interior decoration truly worth appreciating. Also, there is a library that features 86,000 different items.
This nature park encompasses ponds, statues, flower beds, and fountains. Also, there is a Helikon Museum that makes this palace a zone to explore. This place is definitely a must-visit to explore Hungary in December.

6. Hortobagy National Park

Hortobagy National Park is amongst the top places to visit in Hungary. This park has amazing landscapes and features rivers, forests, green mountains, and plains. Plenty of fauna and flora can be seen in this park such as Water Buffalo, Hungarian grey cattle, and horses. Stone curlews and Red-footed Falcon are a few birds that you can spot in this park. Also, the nine holed bridge is what makes this park stand out from the rest.

7 awesome things to do in Hungary in December

Listed below are 8 best things to do on your Hungary trip

1. Enjoy the taste of Hungarian food

Hungarian food
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Hungarian food is simply made for winter, soups with paprika and lard. Reflecting on the western and eastern gastronomic traditions, the colourful palette of Hungarian cuisine enables the tourists to enjoy a delectable meal.

2. Visit the Chain Bridge at night

Laden with an amazing background, this bridge looks awesome during the night. The entire bridge gets elegantly decorated with amazing lights. The front area of this bridge is ideal to capture some snaps. This is one of the top things to do in Hungary in December, which will make your vacation truly unforgettable.

3. Hike up to the mountains at Lillafured

The Bukk mountains are sorted as the best places to visit in Hungary. It features more than 1000 caves, lovely freshwater lakes, and thick woods that are apt for hiking. Also, the Lillafured waterfall is the largest waterfall in Hungary.

4. Witness the amazing sunsets at Hortobagy

Hungary sunset
Image Credits: Google Images

Want to experience the sunset in Hortobagy? Then head to this place that is known for its iconic sunsets. Also, the amazing fauna and flora make this place ideal for capturing some beautiful pics. You can witness the horsemanship by the cowboys of Hungarian right here.

5. Look at the shoes on the Danube

The Danube has a great legendary story behind it. Before being gunned down, victims were forced to open their shoes so that their bodies can easily float on the River Danube. The presence of the shoes can still be witnessed at this spot. The marvelous background of this place is apt for snapping some great pictures.

6. Ride the magical Winter Tram

The winter tram starts from December to January. Hop this tram during the month of December and experience a fairytale-like ride along with the city. This city has rare snow showers but the magical & festive vibes will definitely impress you. Trams are operating on the usual tracks, but what makes them unique are the shimmering LED lights.

7. Taste the wine of the Eger Region

Eger boasts 5400 hectares of vineyards that are located on the southern slopes of the Bükk Mountains. The region of wine is segregated into two districts named the Ege and Debro. White wine is prepared in the vineyards of Eger. If you are on a day trip, then definitely visit the winery here and take a sip of the wine.

The culture of the Eger area has been famous for years and has determined the life of local people. Bull’s Blood is the most recognized red wine in this area while white wine is also produced in maximum due to its suitable environment.

Now that you have an in-depth idea of what to expect when travelling to Hungary in December, start planning your vacation with Pickyourtrail. We offer amazing packages for you to travel hassle-free! Customize your Hungary tour package and have a memorable vacation!

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