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Written by Akshaya Devi on July 5, 2019 Share on

The Key To Unlocking Budapest’s Eccentric Nightlife

The one #latepost about the ruin bars of Budapest.

Endless laughter. Controversial gossips. Impromptu waltzes. Cheerful clinks of shot glasses. These are just everyday things in Budapest ruin bars. As soon as you step inside the quintessential streets of Budapest at night, you’re invited by all those mentioned above and more. The walls of these crumbled buildings are etched with decade-long tales of how life in Budapest unravels at night.

The walls are scruffy, ambience quirky and the whole idea not even remotely shiny. Still these are hands down the most popular attractions to its millennial counterparts. Now how this idea came about? What was started as the efforts of some big shots to renovate the demolished buildings into utilisable social spaces, ended up being the paradigm of today’s nightlife of the city.

Here are some photos to inspire you to spend a night in these iconic bars:

Unwrap Hungary

Why shouldn’t you, in bars that look like this:

A vivid place to start the day after a pumped-up night:

Hashtag — Things you can find only in Budapest:

We are not one to choose normal when the underground bars of Budapest look as quirky as this!

Televisions and wires from decades ago. Just because you can’t find those in any other pub.

To get high on the quirkiest and lesser-known side of Hungary, go Pickyourtrail.

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