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Uniting Indian Cricket fanatics : ICC Champions Trophy Itinerary 2017

Cricket maniac? No? Nevertheless – who wouldn’t want to catch some live action of the Champions Trophy at the motherland of cricket itself. The London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Giant’s Causeway are just bonus treats. Want in on some action? Drop us a note. Unconvinced? Here’s a sneak peek of what a typical fortnight would be at the United Kingdom

DAY 1:

June 1 – England vs Bangladesh, The Oval – London

Ryan Gosling wax figure at Madame Tussauds
Image credit – starpittsburgh

Start with a hearty breakfast of eggs, sausage, toast with marmite and juice – the British way. And ride a metro to The Oval to catch the first Champions Trophy match of the season – England vs. Bangladesh. Post match, catch up on some lunch before your tour at Madame Tussauds’. After you’ve had your fill of pictures and celebrity spotting, head over to Westminster Abbey. End your itinerary for the day while staring at the London skyline in awe from atop the London Eye.

DAY 2:

June 2 – Australia vs New Zealand, Edgbaston – Birmingham

Image credit – bateauxlondon

After an entertaining match at the Edgbaston stadium, get a quick lunch and ready yourself for a cruise along the Thames river – maybe you can bond over the Champions Trophy matches with another Indian cricket fanatic like you! Catch the Tower bridge, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Gherkin as you relax on the cruise boat with a drink – of your choice – in hand. Revitalised from that river-side affair? Get your walking shoes on and shop the night away at Oxford street in Brompton.

DAY 3:

June 3 – Sri Lanka vs South Africa, The Oval – London

Image credit – welcometoscotland

How about a cheat day on your itinerary while you frolic away at castle grounds far, far away? An Indian film fanatic and a cricket fanatic? Head to the Isle of Skye in Scotland explore the Eilean Donan Castle and its grounds – the sets where Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kandukondain Kandukondain were filmed. Later head over to Neist Point and be enraptured by the ethereal waterfalls that is Fairy Pools. After dinner and chill at the Portree fishing village, head back for the day.

DAY 4:

June 4 – India vs Pakistan, Edgbaston – Birmingham

The Piccadilly Circus
Image credit – fletcherpriest

You are more than prepared for the exciting day ahead, we are sure. Gorge on some pancakes, hash browns, bacon, sausages and eggs before you head over to Birmingham for this edge-of-the-seat entertainer that brings together Indian cricket fans world over! Wonderful match? You ought to celebrate. Not such a great match? You ought to celebrate, anyway. Leave behind everything and prepare to be entertained at the Piccadilly Circus. From theatres to shops, find your fix of entertainment for the night.

DAY 5:

June 5 – Australia vs Bangladesh, The Oval – London

An exciting Champions Trophy match and lunch later, your itinerary will take you inside the beautiful Gothic cathedral, York Minster. After a stunning tour, take a trip to the York Brewery – get to see how it is made and sample some beer while you are at it. Have dark cravings that go by the name chocolate? At York’s Chocolate Story satiate your intellect and taste buds at one go. Learn about the history of chocolate and the city’s confectioners while, munching on some in the cafe.

DAY 6:

June 6 – England vs New Zealand, Sophia Gardens – Cardiff, Wales

Image credit – milestonehotel

Want to go light on your itinerary today? After lunch, hop on a train to London. Stroll into the picturesque grounds of Kensington Palace’s gardens. Bring a picnic basket along, too. After you are done wandering and need to rest your feet, find a good spot and set out your picnic. Prepare to leave by 6 pm, as the gardens close then. Get dinner midway or order in once you reach your hotel.

DAY 7:

June 7 – Pakistan vs South Africa, Edgbaston – Birmingham

An early – adventurous and fun, might we add – breakfast at Cereal Killer cafe later prepare for another day of Champions Trophy in the stands of Edgbaston stadium. Afterwards, grab lunch and prepare to navigate across master-storyteller Lord of The Rings author JRR Tolkien’s trail. The Tolkien trail, traversing across places like Sarehole Mill and Moseley Bog, will retrace parts of the author’s life – from the place he was born, where he lived, studied, played, gained inspiration for his books.

DAY 8:

June 8 – India vs Sri Lanka, The Oval – London

Image credit – standard

Another hearty breakfast and an adrenaline-pumping match later, gorge on some fine British food before you ready to soak in some history. Get inquisitive and exploring at one of the world’s oldest museums. At British Museum, sight some gems like Hokusai’s Great Wave painting, relics from the ancient Incan and Egyptian civilizations. Head over to the hip Zinc for some head-banging, music, and shots to call it a day.

DAY 9:

June 9 – New Zealand vs Bangladesh, Sophia Gardens – Cardiff, Wales

Does a roadtrip around the Irish country-side make you want to ditch that match? Then, you must. Rent a car or hire a ride at Ireland to head towards the Giant’s Causeway. Once you have had your fill of the views – once is never enough – head towards the famous Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge in Northern Ireland. Attempt a climb or just sit back and let the breeze hit you. Drive home as the sun is about to melt into the horizon.

DAY 10:

June 10 – England vs Australia, Edgbaston – Birmingham

Image credit – pingallery

Post match and lunch, skip the afternoon snooze today, maybe? Instead, have yourself a real Harry Potter adventure in the streets of London. Take a peek at some of the real life filming locations from the Harry Potter movies. The Leadenhall Market, for instance, featured as Diagon Alley and Leaky Cauldron in the movies. On Charing Cross Street lies the gateway to the magical world. It continues to reverberate with this intrigue element. For dinner, there are options in abundance from bakeries to fine-dining garden restaurants.

DAY 11:

June 11 – India vs South Africa, The Oval – London

Image credit – uclu

Another exciting match later, fill the Indian cricket fanatic in you with more than just a great day in the stands – a king’s meal! Feel like royalty at the Windsor city – home to Windsor Castle. Experience first hand what it feels to live like a royal – surrounded by furnishings, art collections, and lush landscaped gardens. Treated the eyes? Treat yourself to an elaborate dinner and resign for the day with contentment.

DAY 12:

June 12 – Sri Lanka vs Pakistan, Sophia Gardens – Cardiff, Wales

Post a filling breakfast, gear up for some adventure. Pack up and head to Southern Cotswolds for your Tandem Skydiving experience. Jumping from 2 miles above, you will be accompanied by your guide. After an adrenaline pumping fall and graceful landing with a parachute, reward yourself with some grub from any of the eateries nearby. Another drive will take you to Stonehenge – its mysterious structure and positioning still baffling. Meet the sunset with another ride atop The Eye.

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