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Ice skating in London: Best ice skating rinks

What comes to your mind when you think of ice skating? Christmas! Except you don’t need the season of cheer to enjoy this sport in London city. The crowd is at large during the holiday season, but you can enjoy this sport all year round indoors in the city. Londoners love this sport making it a highly popular activity. Skating and twirling around the ice floor across the various ice skating rinks in the capital is now a new hobby. Ice skating in London is a fun adventure sport and you can find many marvellous ice skating rinks in London both indoors and outdoors.

Here is a list of some of the best ice skating arenas in London city worth visiting:

Somerset House:

Credits: Flickr

Situated in the courtyard of the 18th century Edmond J. Safra Fountain, glide across or take skate lessons with a majestic background. The 900 square meters open-air rink is filled with life when club hits played by popular international DJs gives it a dancefloor feel.

Best time to visit: 14 November to 13 January

National History Museum:

Credits: Flickr

A classic Christmas favourite, positioned on the east lawn of the grand museum, the National History Museum Ice Rink is a gorgeous ice rink for all skating lovers. It is so enchanting you’ll feel like you’re part of a Disney movie. The rink is open during the day. Post skating one can unwind with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee at the museum café which is located right opposite the rink.
Best time to visit:25 October to 20 January

Canary Wharf:

Credits: Wikimedia

This Skate facility is located at a spot that allows everyone to get the experience of a peaceful skate. The lights set kilometres beneath the surface of the ice provides a dancefloor vibe. It has a protected roof above it hence one can go skating on a rainy day as well.
Best time to visit: 2 November to 16 February

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland:

Credits: Wikimedia

Perhaps the most festive one of them all is the winter wonderland in Hyde Park. Feel the love during the Christmas season when families and couples come out to experience the Christmas magic. The place is open to all ages and has something for everyone to enjoy, the cafes, the Christmas treats stores, Ice Bars and the rink. Indoor ice skating is also open during the rest of the year to enjoy.
Best time to visit: 22 November to 6 January

Tower of London Ice Rink: 

Credits: Flickr

Set inside the beautiful castle which is reckoned to be 1000 years old, feel like you’re in a fairy tale as you glide across the rink with the backdrop so beautiful. The rink is around 1040 square meters in the area and is safe for both children and adults. This ice skating is located in the heart of Central London where you can find lots of bars and restaurants to indulge in drinks and food after the skating session.
Best time to visit: 23 November to 6 January

Ally Pally Ice Rink:

Credits: Flickr

Ally Pally ice rink is one of the most classic rinks in London city and the most suitable time to visit this is between 7th to 10 December when the Aladdin on Ice, a special ice panto is showcased.
Best time to visit: 1 December to 16 December

Winterville Ice Rink in Clapham: 

Ice skating during December is a popular activity to do during the holidays. Although it is operational all year round , the ice rink is built from actual ice, but it comes alive during the month of December when Christmas season is in full swing with attractions such as Twisted Wheels Roller Disco and Golf course powered by UV light is present too.
Best time to visit:15 November to 23 December

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