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Indian restaurants in Spain
Written by Akshaya Seshadri on March 29, 2018 Share on

7 Best Indian Restaurants in Spain For Your Desi Food Cravings

Elizabeth Olsen’s “I get way too much happiness from good food”  quote is quite popular among all the foodies.  Currently in Spain and wondering where to treat yourself with the perfect Indian food? Well, you are in luck! We have listed the best Indian restaurants in Spain to satisfy your gastronomical needs! Take a read!

7 Top Indian Restaurants in Spain

  • Restaurante Rangoli
  • Restaurant Veg World India
  • Swad – The Indian Restaurant
  • Tandoori Station
  • Purnima Indian Restaurant
  • Basmati Indian Restaurant
  • Jaipur Tandoori Indian Restaurant

1. Restaurante Rangoli ( ₹₹ – ₹₹₹ )

Address: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 78, 08039 Barcelona, Spain

Rangoli,Indian restaurants in Spain
Image credit- rangoliRestaurante

Hotel Rangoli along with its twin restaurant Bembi are set up facing the Mediterranean sea. Deriving the concepts from the traditional rangoli patterns in India, the interiors of this hotel have a cultural and heritage-rich touch to it. The dishes are unique and there’s an in-house bar as well. Striving to bring the best form of culinary works from India, your Rangoli experience is bound to be amazing!

Must-Have: Naan & curry, Butter Chicken, Mince Lamb Skewers

2. Restaurant Veg World India ( ₹₹ – ₹₹₹)

Address: 26, Carrer de Bruniquer, 08012 Barcelona, Spain

veg world india,Indian restaurants in Spain
Image credit- vegworldindiabarcelona

As the name suggests, Veg World India offers some of the exquisite varieties of vegetarian Indian food. All dishes are Vegan-friendly and the decors and staff represent a typical Rajasthani setting on the whole. With exotic ambience and homely Indian food, we’d advise you to make a reservation a day or two in prior at Restaurant Veg World India.

Must-Have: Leak soup, Naan, Thaali, Mango Kulfi

3. Swad – The Indian Restaurant ( ₹₹ – ₹₹₹ )

Address: C/ Sancho de Avila, 167, 08018 Barcelona, Spain

Swad,Indian restaurants in Spain
Image credit- karanfoodfanatic

The Swad restaurant is known for its homemade Indian cuisines. Located in the Poblenou neighbourhood, the local chefs here are well versed in making the best out of the Indian spices and curries. It features a simple, yet elegant ambience with a seating close to 22. The restaurant is mainly known for its eggplant dish, fish curry and tikka masala. Make your reservation beforehand – if you want to settle down for a peaceful dining session at Swad restaurant.

Must-Have: Murgh Malai, Tandoori Tangri and Palak Patta Chaat

4. Tandoori Station ( ₹₹ – ₹₹₹ )

Address: Calle de Jose Ortega y Gasset 89-91, 28006 Madrid, Spain

Tandoori Station,Indian restaurants in Spain
Image credit- pinchofyum

Tandoori Station headed by Chef Nadeem Siraj is a popular Indian restaurant in Madrid. Having learnt the art of cooking from his mother, Siraj’s work is popular pan Spain. The interiors of the restaurant are sketched with an underground railway station theme and other pictures and artefacts depicting the Indian culture. Good food and friendly staff makes this place one of the best Indian restaurants in Spain.

Must-Have: Tikka Masala, Cheese Naan, Curry Prawns.

5. Purnima Indian Restaurant ( ₹₹ – ₹₹₹ )

Address: Calle Goya 110 | Calle Goya 110, 28009 Madrid, Spain

Purnima Indian Restaurant,Indian restaurants in Spain
Image credit- steffisrecipes

In Purnima Indian Restaurant, there’s every chance for you to get drifted away by the senses of their traditional food. The ambience is colourful and you can see satin used in curtains, ceiling tops and seatings. The prices are nominal and staff are very courteous. On the whole, you’d enjoy dining at Purnima Indian Restaurant.

Must-Have: Tikka Masala, Butter chicken, Garlic Naan

6. Basmati Indian Restaurant ( ₹₹ – ₹₹₹ )

Address: Calle Caro 7, 07013 Palma de Mallorca, Majorca, Spain

Basmati Indian Restaurant,Indian restaurants in Spain
Image credit- archanaskitchen

Basmati offers traditional Indian food in a comfortable atmosphere. Don’t be surprised if you visit this restaurant for two back-to-back days and find new menus – as the Basmati  Indian Restaurant’s menu changes every day. The variety of dishes here are rich with flavours. The portions offered are generous and the prices are reasonable. Their specialities include dishes with rich spices and nuts.

Must Try: Curry, Peshwari Naan, Chicken and Venison

7. Jaipur Tandoori Indian Restaurant

Address: Carrer de la Fabrica, 5, 07013 Palma de Mallorca, Majorca, Spain

Jaipur Tandoori Indian Restaurant,Indian restaurants in Spain
Image credit- taste

Jaipur restaurant is seated in the Calle Fabrica – one of the best places in Palma when it comes to an eatery. The chefs here have mastered all kinds of continental and sub-continental dishes. The colour theme of the restaurant is brown and purple and statues of Buddha and Ganesha are placed here and there. Indulge in a gastronomic delight  the ‘Jaipur Way’ at this top Indian restaurant in Spain.

Must-Have: Popodams, Butter Chicken, Curry

Has your craving for desi food augmented already by reading about these Indian restaurants in Spain? How about you book your trip to Spain or Spain honeymoon and actually visit these places and write back to us at Pickyourtrail on your dining experience?

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