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Innovative way to pay for your stay: Bitcoin payment Expedia

Bitcoin Payment Expedia:

In what we believe is a watershed moment in Travel, Expedia.com now Accepts Bitcoin to give Travelers more choice and flexibility in hotel payments. Expedia partnered with Coinbase, a third-party bitcoin payment processor, to integrate bitcoin payment support into the hotel booking experience on Expedia.com. Now, customers can intuitively find and select bitcoin as a payment option at check-out along with all other methods accepted on the site. At first, they will accept it for hotel bookings only and will start it in USA.

Bitcoin is a digital currency platform with no central regulating authority involved in the transactions. Transactions involving the electronic currency are carried out directly between the involved parties. It is also called crypto currency because it utilizes military-grade cryptography to protect users against fraud. Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin has grown over at an aggressive pace and more than 60,000 retailers now accept it world-wide.

We believe it s not long before this payment is rolled out to other offerings on Expedia.com as well. Bitcoin based startups are currently the apple of the eye for most VC firms and this move by Expedia is surely a shot in the arm for the crypto currency.

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