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Instagrammable Places in Singapore: Capturing the City’s Iconic Sights

Straighten up, tilt your head, and flash a smile. Another perfect selfie opportunity awaits. But to take your selfie game to the next level, here’s a list of must-visit places in Singapore that offer not only beauty but also the perfect backdrop for capturing amazing pictures. Visit these locations, fill up your gallery, and embark on a social media upload spree. Your collection of vacation pictures will be the envy of all. Don’t miss out on the chance to showcase the beauty of Singapore through your lens. To ensure you don’t miss any of these incredible photo spots, consider booking one of the curated Singapore tour packages. These packages provide comprehensive itineraries that include the best photo-worthy locations in Singapore, enabling you to capture unforgettable memories of your trip. Get ready to flaunt your picture-perfect moments!

The selfie/photography spree MUST NOT stop. So, let’s get you to your selfie destination Singapore, shall we? Hit us up and you are good to go!

Top 7 Instagram Spots in Singapore

1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands
Image credit – foundtheworld

One of the many iconic structures reaching towards Singapore skyline, the Marina Bay provides a lovely view. Along with the view, it proposes abundant photo and selfie opportunities. Climb up to the terrace as the sun begins to dip against the clouds – that perfect sun-kissed-and-passed-by selfie is yours forever! If architecture is what makes you go ‘enchante’ maybe position yourself so the building elegantly stands in the backdrop. Go find out how else your instagram can be filled with some envious, picturesque snaps from Singapore.

Marina bay
Image credit – instagram

2. Henderson Waves Bridge

Henderson Waves Bridge
Image credit – thousandwonders

Bridges have always held a special, soft spot among photograph-enthusiasts. Among the most rapture-inspiring bridges in the world, one is the Henderson Waves bridge. The highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, the bridge’s eccentric shape is by itself head-turning. Both beautiful and intriguing, the Henderson Waves is a common selfie spot. Maybe lean back in places where the wave-structure of the bridge rises to provide a canopy-like setting. And, there you have it. Sunlight or just light filtering to frame a perfect selfie – both intriguing and well-composed (thanks to the readily available light filter).

Henderson Waves bridge
Image credit – instagram

3. Gillman Barracks

Gillman Barracks
Image credit – artasiapacific

Photographs are in themselves art. Now imagine being surrounded by a thousand pieces of art – probably more. The Gillman Barracks – a space for art display in itself looks something out of a “beautiful landscapes” catalogue. Undoubtedly, an amazing setting for your next best selfie, in that collection you pride yourself with. Find shade or do it under the sun – you can’t go wrong with a photograph here!

Gillman Barracks
Image credit – instagram

4. Raffles Lighthouse

Raffles lighthouse in Singapore
Image credit – commons.wikimedia

Raffles Lighthouse is inspiring, night or day.  Always wanted to capture this beautiful structure? We’ll show you some most creative ways of getting that pic. And when you are done with the pics,  find some peace by observing the waves crashing by from the balcony.

Raffles Lighthouse
Image credit – instagram

Of course, you could attempt the classic cradling-the-sun-in-my-palm pose. The opportunities are too many, the beauty is too overwhelming. The phone or camera must, thus, be amply charged!

5. Joo Chiat

The Peranakan style houses in Joo Chiat
Image credit – karana

Surrounded with Peranakan style houses, in Joo Chiat you are surrounded in a colour and cultural wonderland of sorts. With houses painted in vivid colours – giving the illusion of a subtle, persistent rainbow – and mounted tiled roofs, Joo Chiat may pass off for a wonderland of sorts. Whip that camera out shamelessly because beauty needs to be captured. Leaning against a wall, if it pleases you, maybe your head turned sideways snap one and you have a vignette of sorts. Score one for the camera.

Joo Chiat
Image credit – instagram

6. Haji Street / Victoria Street

Graffiti at Haji street in Singapore
Image credit – 3fproudtobesingaporean

Not all good pictures need to look soft and sun-kissed and pleasing. No. Some are meant to stand out – just like pieces of art. Feeling a little experimental about your look and want to try something new? Maybe leaning against a wall of bombtastic graffiti is like you own it is way to do it. A little filter tweak and you have the perfect I-am-a-rebel-watch-out kind of of selfie up your wall. A little genre variation on your Instagram / Snapchat will do you some good.

Haji Street
Image credit – Instagram 
Victoria street
Image credit – instagram

7. Singapore Merlion

The Singapore Merlion
Image credit – vacationio

The most recognizable icon of Singapore is the majestic looking Merlion guarding the Merlion Park. With water gushing from this statue’s mouth, the photo opportunities are just too many. Maybe lean back and make it look like the fountain’s water is flowing straight into your mouth. Get creative!

Merlion park
Image credit – instagram

(And, hey, maybe let us know how you would take a picture with the Merlion)


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