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Irish Village Dubai
Written by Athul K V on September 4, 2020 Share on

Things to know about the Irish Village in Dubai

What makes Dubai great? the answer is quite simple, Dubai is an experience. More than being just a tourist destination the City of Gold is an emotion. This is where people and cultures from all over the world meet. And Dubai welcomes them with open arms, thus making it truly a global city. Apart from its towering skyscrapers, beaches, Dubai is a place where you see the world. The Irish Village in Dubai is truly a small piece of Ireland in the Middle East. Though it started as an idea of catering the visitors for the tennis tournament, the Irish Village is now an Irish cultural icon. And this is quite evident with the large number of people visiting the pub. Here we check out the things you should know before visiting the Irish Village in Dubai.

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The Origin

The Dubai Tennis Championship was held in the Aviation Club which had only a few hundred attendees. The ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Ali Maktoum felt the need to build a better stadium with more capacity. Thus, shortly after the 1994 edition of the Dubai Tennis Championship, he declared that they will build a new stadium with a capacity of about 5000. And in 1996 the new Dubai Tennis Stadium hosted the Championship. Along with the new stadium they built a watering hole for the attendees of the Tennis Championship. Thus, the Irish Village got introduced to Dubai.

Dubai Tennis Championship Irish Village
Image Source: Google Images

Ireland in Dubai

The Irish Village is an authentic Irish pub in Dubai. All the materials used to build and decorate the pub was shipped from Ireland. Also, all the staff working here are from Ireland as well. As Ireland is famous for its alcohol and pub culture, the Irish Village has it all. The authenticity is not just in the looks, its there in everything. Right from the paving stones to the wood used in the terrace, everything is one hundred per cent Irish. Thus, making it one of the most popular hangout place in Dubai. Due to rush and surge in the number of visitors, they expanded the terrace which now can accommodate more than 3000 people.

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Irish Village Dubai
Image Source: Pixabay

The Village has a vibrant atmosphere which for which Irish pubs are famous for. Once you step into the pub or having drinks with your friends over at the terrace, you forget that you are in Dubai. The menus, drinks and service along with the overall ambience take you to Ireland. That is the magic of the Irish Village.


Not only the Irish Village has excellent live music, but it also hosts concerts as well. Ever since the terrace got bigger, there are regular parties and concerts happening here. The Village has turned to a brilliant party spot in Dubai. Plenty of famous musicians have played here and others continue to appear here. Also, among the things you should know about the Irish Village, in Dubai is that there are crazy parties happening on Halloween’s day, New Year’s Eve and St Patrick’s Day. If you want to party like the Irish in Dubai, you know where you need to be.

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Other Branches

There are three branches of the Irish Village in Dubai. The main one is in Al Garhoud near to the Dubai Tennis Stadium. The second branch is at Riverland and the third one is on the first floor of the Studio One Hotel at Dubai Studio City.

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