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Island cakes - Bite into miniature versions of paradise
Written by Swathi on August 25, 2020 Share on

Island cakes – Bite into miniature versions of paradise!

Food and travel. These are two things that people love as they bring an instant smile on people’s face. But with travel coming to a standstill at the moment, why not relive some great travel experiences through food? The best way to explore travel through food is by making island cakes. Yes, you read that right! If you cannot visit beautiful islands in the world, why not enjoy it by savouring the taste of an island cake? Baking island cakes is the latest trend which has taken social media by storm. Read on to know more about these miniature versions of paradise!

Why is it a show-stealer?

Cooking in itself is considered an art. Baking an island cake requires the patience of a lifetime because it is a truly painstaking experience. But the result of your hard work will be a beautiful cake reminding you of fond travel memories. What’s the best part? You get to taste some exotic flavours and share the love for food with your near and dear ones.

Moreover, who doesn’t like cakes? A cake is one of those food items that people relish irrespective of age on account of every other celebration. Considering that the most part of 2020 has seen a lockdown situation in many countries, quite a few people have chosen to explore the chef in them. Not only will you have fun whilst baking, but also bring home an island you had been planning to visit this year.

Let’s face the fact. Baking an island cake is no mean feat. It requires a lot of patience and perseverance to complete. Some renowned bakers even state that they take up close to 2 days to perfect an island cake. Even one tiny mistake can ruin the entire look of the cake resulting in a disaster. (Literally!) The fad has caught on so much that most food bloggers are posting some great pictures on their handles which has inspired fellow followers to try their hand at baking island cakes.

How to master the art?

According to famous cake artist Jessica, getting the right consistency of the jelly is required to perfect an island cake. The correct composition of flavours after thorough research will also result in a successful bake. So make sure you don’t compromise on these two aspects when you are preparing island cakes. Taste different ingredients and its combinations in prior to ensure that you are on track before preparing the final mixture.

Make sure you also get the colouring right and it is not loaded with too many details. As the wise old saying goes, it’s better to keep it simple. After you prepare the cake and take care of all the detailing, the jelly which is poured around the cake is structured around a plastic sheet to keep it in position.

Once you bake it in the appropriate temperature your cake is ready to be removed from the plastic sheet. This is the most difficult part about baking an island cake. If the cake hasn’t set properly, you will find a lot of hassle while removing the plastic sheet. But if it has, get out your cameras as it’s time for some Instagram worthy pictures!!

I am sure your mouth would be watering by now! So why not go ahead and try your hand at baking island cakes? Show off your skills on social media and explore your wanderlust in a different way altogether. Although the travel industry has been brought to a standstill at the moment, these are some of the ways in which you can cherish the good old times. If you are yearning for a safe mode of travel, you can check out some of the staycation deals offered by Pickyourtrail. Happy gorging and we hope that you get to travel soon!

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