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Italy In July: Your Complete Guide to a Budget Italy Vacation!

Italy is always one of the topmost tourist arrival countries in Europe, It is located in Southern Europe. It also encompasses some of the most varied and picturesque landscapes on earth and is often described as a boot-shaped country. Historical buildings in Florence, fountains in Rome, The Leaning Tower in Pisa, vineyards in Tuscany, romantic canals in Venice and shopping places in Milan.. and much more. Isn’t this enough for Italy to fall into our tourist destination bucket? Let see few more details about Italy in July here.

Italy in July
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Italy In July

July one of the summer month also start of peak season for Italy. This also means that it gonna be hot weather, Hotel price starting to spike up and more tourist gonna come. You can see more number tourists starts to arrive in Italy in July just to enjoy their vacation within budget before the price hike hits 100% in upcoming months.

  • Why should you go to Italy in July?
  • Weather and temperature of Italy in July
  • Places to visit in Italy in July
  • Cities to visit in Italy in July
  • Festivals in Italy in July

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Why should you go to Italy in July?

Travelling to Italy in July will mean spending a lot of time in the sun, which is ideal if you have beaches on your itinerary. It also means you have to deal with large crowds (which isn’t necessarily bad if you’re prepared for it) and higher prices (usually not good news). In July it becomes harder to find quiet spots away from the crowds. But if you book museum tickets well in advance, for example, at least don’t wait in the hourly queues in front of the Vatican Museums or the Uffizi Gallery. You’ll find higher prices on things like airfare and hotel rooms, but again, planning ahead can keep you from getting stuck with only the most expensive rooms.

In general, however, if you are on a very tight budget, summer in Italy summer is a tough nut to crack. Sometimes you can save money by avoiding the bigger resorts, but even that is difficult in midsummer. The bottom line is that July in Italy could be a great option for you if your travel budget is not the main limiting factor, if you are not surrounded by crowds and if you like hot climates. Again, plan and reserve as much in advance as possible to avoid queues, stay hydrated and sheltered from the sun, and take breaks to relax during the day. It is a long road to take it easy and turn a trip to Italy in July into a memorable summer.

Weather and temperature of Italy in July

Most likely the July weather in Italy will be hot, since it is a summer month. Though few peoples are expieince in handling summer, believe me, It is not the same Summer in Italy. Staying inside the home in summer is different than going outside to tour around the city in Italy’s summer is different. So, Make sure that you stay hydrated and take rest & refresh yourself inbetween the attraction sights.

The average temperature ranges for different parts of Italy are:

  • Northern Italy: 64-84°F (18-30°C)
  • Central Italy: 66-90°F (18-32°C)
  • Southern Italy: 74-90°F (24-32°C)

Places to visit in Italy in July

1. Cinque Terre:

July in Italy is a great time for a summer road trip through one of the most picturesque areas of the country, the Cinque Terre. Make stops in the various cities to explore the cobbled streets and find the best viewpoints to see the coastline. , People watch from a coffee shop or have an ice cold beer while watching the sunset. Stroll through the Cinque Terre National Park, one of the smallest but most beautiful in Italy, or take a hike on the Monterosso Trail. Take a boat tour from San Francesco or just hang out near the cliffs and take in the views. You can stay in the different cities if you want to explore the coast with more peace and quiet.

Cinque Terre Italy
Image Credits: Unsplash

2. Vatican Museums:

If you are visiting Rome and want to stay out of the sun, head to the Vatican for a full day strolling through the museums. There are more than 20,000 works of art and artifacts that the various Popes have collected over the years. These include the Sistine Chapel, the map gallery, the various sculpture museums and the works of art by Raphael. Also make time to visit the collection of modern religious art, the Vatican Historical Museum, and the Pinacoteca Vaticana art gallery

3. Museums In Florence:-

Florence is an epicentre for art and culture in Italy as it is full of fascinating museums. Beat the July heat by visiting one of Florence’s many notable museums. Spend some time exploring the Uffizi Gallery, where you can see famous works of art by Michelangelo. Visit the Museo Galileo, Palazzo Publico, Palatine Gallery, Palazzo Pitti, and Bargello, all of which are popular in Florence. Don’t forget to visit the Accademia Gallery, where you can see Michelangelo’s statue of David.

There are many more things like Small-Group Capri Day Cruise from Sorrento, Florence Day Trip to Pisa, Leaning tower in Pisa, San Gimignano, and Siena with Lunch,Swiss Alps Bernina Express Rail Tour from Milan,Full-Day Amalfi Coast and Positano Boat Excursion from Sorrento,& Venetian Islands Tour: Murano, Burano & Torcello and much more.

Leaning tower Italy
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Cities to visit in Italy in July

  • Rome- Capital of Italy, is known for Stunning Architecture
  • Florence- CIty of culture, Best for Renaissance art and architecture and monuments
  • Pisa- Pisa is known worldwide for its leaning tower
  • Siena- one of the World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. Famous for its art, cuisine, medieval cityscape, museums and the Palio
  • Milan- Economic heart of Italy, also known for thriving fashion industry and world’s famous artworks.
  • Venice- “The Floating city” also known as “City of Canals”.
Image credits: Unsplash

Festivals in Italy in July

The 2 major festivals falls in July are Palio di Siena & Festa Della Madonna Bruna.

Palio di Siena- Every year the will a 2 traditional horse races conducted in Italy. It is the first race and also called the holiday of the Madonna of Provenzano.
Festa Della Madonna Bruna- It is a celebration of the Madonna Bruna, it is a religious festival that falls every year on the 2nd of July. These festivals is originated over 550+ years ago.

So, I hope you have an idea of what and where to do in Italy during July month. Here is another tip start planning as earlier as possible to avoid the price hikes. Forgot to mention, never leave Italy without tasting their special foods!. let’s plan your itinerary with Pickyourtrail, Italy travel packages & even customizing your itinerary is also available in Pickyourtrail.

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