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Manarola in Italy
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Italy in June: Your Complete Guide to a Romantic Italy Vacation!

Italy being one of the most beautiful destinations doesn’t need any introduction. Filled with the mesmerizing hills and grape vineyards, to gorgeous beaches and historic places, sure has a beauty on its own. Home to renaissance, Italy has a very strong historic cultural ties with Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice, The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Pisa and The Pantheon in Rome.  Any architecture or historian student would love this great place which has a lot of things to offer.

Italy in June, is when the peak season starts in this destination and we can see tourists flock in from all parts of the world. From the city of Venice in the north to the city of Sicily in the south, it is a great month to take a dip in the ocean and laze under the morning sun. Sunbathing and excursions are a great way to occupy you for the travel duration in May. Read on to find what our beautiful destination has to offer as in June.
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Beach in italy
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Weather in Italy in June

June being the start of the summer season, it might be a little hotter than usual and getting rooms with Air conditioned would be preferred. If you are to go, pack with the lightest and thin clothes with flip flops and shorts. The temperature would range anything between 13-27°C in the north Italy. The southern Italy is typically a little warmer than the northern regions. But, with enough sunshine falling in this green country, the weather isn’t oppresingly hot as in the Equatorial regions or as in August. But, do expect a lot of hotels to be booked and sold out, as it’s the peak season. its recommended you book you rooms and hotels in advance to prevent any last minute hassle.


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Popular Events In Italy In June

Here are a list of a couple of events that are conducted in June in Italy. So, if you are planning to visit this destination around this time, make sure you go and experience these events to bring back a lot of memories!

1. Festa della Republica

This day falling on the 2nd of June, is one the biggest festivals that happens in Italy. It is to celebrate the day when the country got republic in the 19th century. It is a huge celebration worth to experience with fireworks, marches and gala flying with colors everywhere. Go outside the streets and have fun with you family if you visit in June.

monuments to see in Rome
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2. Verona’s Annual Summer Opera

This grand festival happens every year in June in the city of Verona, which is known for its historic and ancient culture. Talented opera singers from every nook and corner of the world come to this festival to showcase their talent. It happenes in the ancient  Arena De Verona amphitheatre which is large enough to accommodate more than thirty thousand guests. It is a sight to behold, with an amazingly large sitting capacity as well as to marvel at this ancient historic architecture that still stands with its beauty intact.

3. Patron Saint Feast Day

This is celebrated on the 29thof June annually to celebrate the Two patron saints of Rome – St Peter and St Paul. A grand feast is arranged to celebrate this and it’s am official holiday across Italy. Similar celebrations are done in cities other than Rome as well – Genoa, Turin and Florence. In Rome, it happens around the Basilicas of St Peter and St Paul. You might be amazed to see their culture and spirituality, and would sure add to your cloud of memories after you leave. 

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Places to Visit in Italy in June

1. Tuscany

You shouldn’t be missing this picturesque place if you are visiting Italy. Famous for its rich culture, its authentic food and gothic arts, it’s one of the most charming places to visit in Italy. Filled with small villages throughout the countryside and dotted with numerous vineyards and cypresses, the wines made here are world renowned. Some of the most fascinating places to see are the museums, Brunelleschi’s Dome in Florence, the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa,  the ancient village of Monteriggioni and the scenic Piazza del Campo.

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Grand canal in Venice
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2. Venice

Also known as the “City of canals”, this beautiful city doesn’t need any introduction. Filled with romance in the air, it tops the world honeymoon destination. It’s a very unique city that is connected by bridges, and can only be traversed by boats and gondolas with the whole city over the lagoon. You can go around and visit the  the wine-growing area of the Prosecco Hills or the Dolomites mountain range where you can go Skiing and the other adventurous activities that it has to offer.


Brimming with small hamlets and rivers, beaches and lakes, this picturesque region has a lot to offer. The most well-known province Roma also the capital of Italy falls under this region. Filled with innumerous historical treasures and extraordinary archeological evidences, it brings in a lot of historians. Tarquinia art city known to symbolize the Etruscan culture and the medieval monuments are drop dead gorgeous if you visit in June.

cinque terre village
Image Credits : Pixabay

Best Activities to Experience in Italy in June

If you are looking for adventure, then hiking at Mount Vesuvius would be something you can look forward to! Famous for its volcanic activity in the past, but now it is dormant that serves as a good hiking tour for the tourists. You can also go and visit the Visit Cinque Terre which is a national park that also comes under the world UNESCO heritage sites. The area is quite known for its 5 different villages situated at the top of the hills. It sure has a mystique and enchanting vibes to it offering you a great Italian village’s cultural beauty. 


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