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Dreamy 8-day Italy and Switzerland Itinerary

It’s said that there is not such a thing as falling gracefully in love. Not with Europe at least. Just how we tend to keep dreaming about love as we fear reality may not best reflect as we dreamt it, an Europe vacation is always but a beautiful canvas for our fantasies. But with Europe, it’s a sin to just sit and wonder. Fret not — here’s an exhaustive 8-day Italy and Switzerland itinerary to come close to perfecting a multi-city Europe vacation covering Italy and Switzerland.

4 Days in Italy

2 Days in Rome

8 day itinerary italy switzerland

How to spend 48 hours in Rome

Day 1

Fly into Rome and check in to your hotel.

Afternoon to Evening:
Tango down the Spanish Steps: Because you can afford to miss nothing when it comes to Rome. Follow the footsteps of Romans in this widest butterfly-structured stairways dating back to the 1720s. Find Fontana della Barcaccia, a truly baroque fountain welcoming you at the end of the steps.

Day 2

Diocletian Bath and the Octagonal Hall tour: Nearly four centuries of artworks etched on sepulchres and stanchions greet you on the outside whilst intricate marble sculptures await you on the inside.

Afternoon to Evening:
Castelli Romani Tour from Rome: Frascati and Castel Gandolfo: Rome prepares to sleep as its quaint little castles tuck into the top of the Alban hills. Devour the most picturesque setting whose striking tranquility contrasts the otherwise zestful Rome.

2 Days in Florence

8 day itinerary italy switzerland

How to spend 48 hours in Florence

Day 3

Morning to Afternoon:
Take your train from Rome to Florence. The average travel time is 1:30 hours.

Medici Dynasty Show: Sit back and feel Florence unfolding right in front of your eyes as this famous multimedia theatre plays Florence’s 300 years of history through the fascinating biopic of the most influential family ever to rule Florence.

Day 4

Leonardo Da Vinci Museum Entrance Ticket: The exhibition that pays ode to Leonardo Da Vinci is as genius as the artist himself. This tour is sure to please your aesthetic as well as cognitive senses.

Piazza Della Signoria: Explore Florence’s political history in the streets garnished with many architectural paradigms of the Renaissance era including the Uffizi gallery, Loggia dei Lanzi and Palazzo delle Assicurazioni Generali amongst others.

Evening: Palazzo Vecchio. Now after munching on some Fettunta paired with coffee at Caffe Rivoire, tread the Vasari corridor leading to Palazzo Vecchio, situated in close proximity with the Piazza Della Signoria square. Marvel in this medieval world the masterpieces of geniuses such as Michelangelo, Donatello, and Giorgio Vasari.

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4 Days in Switzerland

2 Days in Interlaken

8 day itinerary italy switzerland

How to spend 48 hours in Interlaken

Day 5

Morning to Afternoon:
Take a scenic train route from Florence to Interlaken. Travel time would be 5:30 hours.

Visit Harder Kulm: Explore this pretty village set amidst snowcapped mountains and landscapes.

Day 6

Schilthorn Explorations (from Murren) – Best combined with Swiss Pass: Stand in awe of the snowcapped bernese alps piercing the dramatic skylines of Swiss. Piz Gloria, the revolving restaurant offering amazing panoramic vistas is a must-visit.

2 Days in Lucerne

8 day itinerary italy switzerland

How to spend 48 hours in Lucerne

Day 7

Morning to Afternoon:
Take the golden pass line from Interlaken to Lucerne — this scenic train route is downright scintillating!

Visit St. Leodegar church, Lucerne’s most iconic attraction flaunting a subtle tint of renaissance in its architectural style.


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Day 8

Pilatus ride: Best combined with Swiss Pass. Descend down the world’s steepest cog line as your adrenaline feels the most intense of rushes — Try for once how it feels to ride a real-life roller coaster.

Planning right is all it takes to perfect your combined vacation to Italy and Switzerland. It can be exacting, but not when Pickyourtrail is here to pamper you with an end-to-end itinerary to cater to any of your Euro-fantasies. Consider checking out Italy trip packages for more unforgettable experiences!

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