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Jaipur verses Udaipur
Written by Rhea Alex on November 16, 2022 Share on

Jaipur vs Udaipur. What’s your pick?

For those of you looking to travel to the Northern part of India and are probably confused as to where to head, Jaipur and Udaipur could be your probable picks. Both cities have something entirely unique to offer and give tourists a travel experience they’re sure to love. It entirely depends on the kind and type of vacation you’re looking for when it comes to Jaipur vs Udaipur. Jaipur on one hand is a pretty busy city yet most definitely has a royal touch to it whereas Udaipur gives tourists a serene environment, peace, calm and beauty are some of the words that would aptly describe Udaipur for you.

So if you’re someone who would enjoy a quiet evening beside the lake and watching the sunset, Udaipur is the place for you. For those of you looking to explore large palaces and witness architectural wonders, Jaipur is where you should be headed towards. 

We’ve listed out all the possible adventures you could embark on while at both cities. The blog definitely gives you an overview of everything you could expect at both places. Find all that you need to know below about Jaipur vs Udaipur. 

Here’s what Udaipur has to offer tourists

Udaipur has Lake Pichola

The ‘Lake Pichola,’ has been aptly named after the little village of Pucholi – a quaint region in the town. The lake in itself is a freshwater lake and is situated right at the heart of Udaipur. Over about 600 years, Udaipur has seen the development of several lakes by multiple kings who ruled the region. The kings have gone far and beyond through the construction of a number of dams to help ensure irrigation and drinking water are in place. 

It has Fateh Sagar Lake

If you’re headed towards the Pichola Lake, the ‘ Fateh Sagar Lake,’ is in close proximity and a visit is definitely possible. This lake has been regarded as one of the most beautiful and scenic lakes in the whole of Rajasthan. If you’re a couple and visiting the region for the very first time, we recommend you stop by and explore the lakeside. Together you could explore the three islands that the lake houses and probably even stopover at the public park. Spend a nice laid back evening and enjoy the stunning sunset views at the lake. 

It has the serene Ambrai Ghat

If you’re looking for the best views you can get of Lake Pichola, the Ambrai Ghat is where you should be travelling towards. This makes for one of the most picturesque locations in the region and is located right on the onset of the Pichola lake. You could even gain access to the luxury hotel – Lake Palace and enjoy a pampered evening that’s well spent in its entirety. The fireworks that light up the sky every now and then, make for an even more splendid view altogether. 

It has the secluded Monsoon Palace

Popularly referred to as the ‘Jewel of Udaipur,’ the ‘Monsoon Palace,’ gives tourists one of the most romantic sunset experience they’ll ever be part of. Located right at the hilltop region that’s evidently situated at quite a distance from the city, the place gives tourists a palatial vibe all the way through. Tourists can witness spectacular panoramic views of the city and also the countryside that surrounds it. 

And it has the quaint Shilpgram

Gujaratis, Marathis, Goans, Rajasthanis – all of them give tourists a chance to get a glimpse of the cultural aspects that the region has to offer. You could be part of and experience the distinct artforms, cultural dance and so much more. The crafts in the region are quite popular as well, so ensure to stop by and buy a craft or two to take back home.

Here’s what Jaipur has to offer tourists

For those of you travelling to Jaipur, here’s all that you need to know. We’ve detailed all the essential and intricate details required for you to have an amazing experience while on the road. 

Amber Fort and Palace

The ‘Amber Fort,’ is one of the major and most talked about attractions in the city. Located over a hill in the Udaipur region of Rajasthan, it is found about 11 kilometres away from Jaipur. For tourists looking for a serene and peaceful environment, this is the place for you. Temples, palaces, gardens are some of the areas available for you to explore. Tourists are seen flooding the fort hoping to gain a comprehensive understanding of the heritage behind this significant monument. 

It has the spectacular City Palace

There could be no other monument that perfectly describes the culmination of the Rajasthani and Mughal architecture, better than the most famous – ‘City Palace.’ An art gallery, museum are just some of the activities for tourists that are present within the palace. There are two other palaces that are found to be located within the City Palace itself – ‘Mubarak Mahal’ and ‘Chandra Mahal,’ being both of them. If you’re an enthusiast for some great architecture, the palace is sure to blow your mind away. 

It has the iconic Hawa Mahal

This is one place in Jaipur that has continued to gain the attention and wide acclamation of tourists from across the globe. The ‘Hawa Mahal,’ is home to over 900 windows and is most definitely an amusement for tourists visiting the iconic monument for the first time. Tourists witness an amazing view of the city down below. The city in itself is subject to larger crowds, especially during the latter half of the day – the mahal itself, on the other hand, is a definite must-visit attraction for you. 

And it has the most stunning Nahargarh Fort

The ‘Nahargarh Fort,’ is undoubtedly the crown of Jaipur and has gained the love of tourists from far and wide. The famous fort houses a cafe within its premises wherein tourists can enjoy a hearty meal, in the midst of a spectacular view. Located in the Aravali Hills, the fort is yet another location offering the best of sunset views in the region.

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