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Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur
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Fateh Sagar Lake Udaipur – A Majestic Hidden Gem of Rajasthan

If you ask whether there are places to visit in India that is worth the travel, My question will be ” Have you explored enough?”. India is one such beautiful place which has everything to offer for tourists. From rainforests to snowy regions to Desert regions It has everything. You have got to experience first to comment on it. Some beautiful places have the power to captivate its tourists. This beautiful country India is home to the stellar city, Rajasthan. Known for its various tourist locations, Rajasthan is a must-visit place in India. Visit it for its natural beauty and its most scenic locations. In this article, we will be diving into the details on Fateh Sagar Lake Udaipur city, Rajasthan. This is one of the best lakes to visit in Rajasthan. Read the article further to know more about it.

Mount Abu, Rajasthan
Image Credits:  Shubham Shrivastava on Unsplash

Fateh Sagar Lake Udaipur

The Fateh Sagar Lake Udaipur is the pride of Rajasthan. Known for its beautiful views, this lake is an artificial lake. Constructed under the right of Maharana in 1960, the lake sprawls over 2.4 km. The blue waters are famous for its boating with gigantic mountains on 3 sides. This will be an experience you will certainly remember for the rest of your life. There is a beautiful island amidst this beautiful lake. That park is Nehru Island. It is a lovely open space and it is best known for its boat-shaped restaurant.

Located on the northwest part of the Udaipur city, the Fateh Sagar Udaipur cherishes the scenic locations for its tourists. The 3 mountains on the sides of the lake earned it a name ” India’s second Kashmir”. It also has another island popular for its public parks and water jet fountains. The third island is famous for its Udaipur Solar Observatory. These 3 islands are accessible by motorboats.

Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur
Image credits:  NARINDER PAL on Unsplash

Things to do at the Fateh Sagar lake:

  • Witness the spectacular sunset at the Fateh Sagar Udaipur. A morning or an evening walk at the Fateh Sagar is pal, something to remember.
  • Coffee from the “Frothy Kullad Coffee” and the splendid view of the serene lake blends well for a worthy experience.
  • Watch the overflowing dam at the lake during the monsoon seasons. You will have to be lucky to catch that sight.
  • More than 100 species of fishes can be viewed as India’s largest fish Aquarium “Under the sun”.
  • The best time to visit the Fateh Sagar Lake Udaipur is the evening time. Peace seekers can visit the lake from 5 – 7 AM. View of the Lake is at its best during the Monsoon seasons.

Tickets and timings :


The Fateh Sagar Lake Udaipur is a must-visit while visiting Rajasthan. It attracts so many tourists just for its beautiful scenic locations. Just for this reason, the lake is open from Monday to Sunday.

Timings: (All Days)
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM


The entry to the Fateh Sagar Udaipur is absolutely free. You can go there and enjoy the serene beauty without any charges. But the boat rides in the lake do cost you.

Regular Boat Ride- 30 INR per person
Motorboat Ride – 100 – 200 INR per person
Speed boat Ride – 200 – 400 INR per person

The spectacular view of the Fatehsagar Pal
Image Credits: Google Images

Hope you found this article on Fateh Sagar Udaipur informative as well as entertaining. Rajasthan is such a beautiful which is worth a visit. Do visit the place to explore more of these locations and be awestruck. Start planning your very own trip to Rajasthan and you can set the right foot forward by reaching out to us. Do follow the Pickyourtrail for more fresh travel-related blogs.

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