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Singapore Changi airport
Written by Tanmayee on May 29, 2020 Share on

Jewel Changi Airport – Where nature meets retail

Singapore city
Photo by Swapnil Bapat on Unsplash

Home to a melting pot of cultures, ultra-modern architecture, vibrant shopping hubs, and exquisite restaurants, Singapore is fast becoming one of the popular tourist destinations. Despite being the second smallest country in Asia, Singapore is constantly evolving and making its mark in the world. 

Singapore is home to some of the renowned attractions such as the Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios and many more that appeal to tourists interests. Besides this, the widespread public transport, effective law and order, friendly citizens, impeccable streets, and eateries in every nook and corner make Singapore an ideal holiday destination. 

Singapore has also made sure that you have a delightful start to your vacation, with its world-famous airport. You heard me right. When we think about airports, all we picture are the long queues, overcrowded lounges, endless terminals and many more, but when you think of Singapore airport, all you can picture is the stunning Jewel Changi. 

Jewel Changi Airport

Singapore’s Changi airport is a tourist attraction on its own. They’ve recently opened a mixed-use complex on the landside of Changi Airport, the Jewel Changi. The Jewel Changi is a dome-shaped complex that is home to a myriad of breathtaking attractions that blend nature with human innovation. 

Where is it located?

Situated on the landside of the Changi airport, the Jewel is located between T2 and T3 terminals and is also interconnected with the T1 terminal. 

Terminal 1: The Jewel’s north entrance is connected to the Level 1 arrival hall. 

Terminal 2: You can get to Jewel through the link bridge on Level 3.

Terminal 3: The link bridge next to Crowne Plaza Hotel on the Level 2 departure hall leads to the jewel. 

Attractions at the Jewel

HSBC Rain Vortex

HSBC Rain vortex at Jewel Changi
Photo by Pang Yuhao on Unsplash

The first thing that welcomes you, as you enter the Jewel, is the 40 metres high Rain Vortex. The Rain Vortex happens to be the world’s largest indoor waterfall. The harvested rainwater gushes through the opening in the centre of the dome and flows down seven floors to level B2. Get yourself a perfect Instagram worthy picture at the vortex. 

The Skytrain

Photo by Choco on Unsplash

The Skytrain is another beautiful experience, that runs through the interior of the jewel, allowing you to capture the stunning complex and gives you a much closer look of the cascading waterfall. 

Shiseido Forest Valley

Shiseido Forest Valley
Google Images

Shiseido forest valley surrounding the Rain vortex is one of the largest indoor plant collection in Singapore. It is home to over 900 trees and palms as well as around 60,000 shrubs. This rich indoor forest spreads over four storeys above ground and offers two walking trails. 

Canopy Park

Canopy Park at Jewel Changi
Google Images

Canopy Park is located on the topmost level of the jewel and is spread across an area of 14,000 sqm. It features a recreational space, inclusive of play attractions, a garden, an event plaza and eight food and beverage outlets. 

There is also a topiary walk where you will spot animal-shaped topiaries made of flowers, which are dressed based on the seasonal themes.

The Foggy Bowls

The Foggy Bowls is a play area where the mist emitted from the ground forms puffs of clouds. This is a fun play area for toddlers as it creates an illusion of playing amidst the clouds. 


Google Images

The giant trampolines located eight meters above the Canopy park is called the Skynet. The Skynet lets you walk or also bounce on it, given you’re not afraid of heights. 

Global and local cuisine

Restaurants at the jewel changi airport
Google Images

Besides offering a treat to the eyes with these stunning attractions, Jewel Changi Airport also boasts a range of 80 food and beverage outlets that tantalise your taste buds with global and local food. 


Shopping at Jewel Changi
Image source: Wikimedia

A shopping paradise, Jewel Changi airport offers a wide selection of world-famous and local brands. As it is located around the Forest valley, it gives you an opportunity to shop while enjoying the rich greenery.  

Whether you’re transiting in Singapore or are in Singapore for a holiday, the Jewel Changi Airport is a great place to idle away your layover time, or just exploring the stunning attractions, before heading to the city. 

Plan your holiday in Singapore, and definitely spare some time to visit the Jewel Changi either when you enter or leave the country. If you need more assistance in planning your vacation, head to Pickyourtrail and the experts’ there will provide you with your own customized itinerary. 

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