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Street Market in Jaipur
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Things to know about Bapu Bazar and its alluring Rajasthan products

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan and a top shopping destination of the state and India. Alternatively known as the ‘Pink City’, Jaipur is surrounded by numerous lively shops and markets. You can find right from brass works, precious stones, textiles and many more sold in every shops and markets of Jaipur. Also, you can find a number of shopping areas in Jaipur flocked by locals and tourists alike throughout the year. You have various things to know about Bapu Bazar and its alluring Rajasthan products.

Planning a Jaipur tour with your loved ones? One of the most popular markets of Jaipur is Bapu Bazar. Rajasthan is one of the top tourist destinations of the Indian subcontinent for more than one reason. The overabundance of palaces and forts, Havelis, natural beauty, shopping areas has attracted tourists from all over the world from ages. Bapu Bazaar is famous for attracting the highest numbers of shoppers. You should definitely visit this reputed place while shopping in Jaipur. Owing to its huge reputation, Bapu Bazaar can easily be listed in one of the top tourist attractions of Jaipur.

Bapu Bazar: things to know

A one-stop destination for all the Jaipuri items as you could almost buy anything for a reasonable price, if bargained well. If you’re looking for the best wholesale place, then Bapu Bazar is a famous market in Jaipur for cloth. This bazaar holds out for the moderate prices of items like textiles and Joothis. Here you can enjoy the originality of street shopping in Jaipur. Plus, the bazaar lies in an attractive location and you could get to witness the ‘pink’ side of the city!

Tripolia Bazar near Bapu Bazar
Credits – Wikimedia

The lively market, bustling with shopaholics at all times, makes it most famous for Mojari- the footwear made from camel skin. Among the endless shopping options available, you can find traditional Rajasthani lehenga- choli and Bandhej salwar suits, as well as sculptures and figurines made from marble and sandalwood, hand-crafted home décor gifts and paintings, conventional block, printed bedspreads, cushion covers, fabrics and a lot more.

Bapu Bazar: things to buy

Mojari Foot Wears commonly known as Jaipuri juttis are the major attraction of this market. Made from camel skin, the juttis are elegantly embroidered in vibrant colours and traditional designs; and come for both men and women at affordable prices. Also, there are leather bags, wallets and shoes which are a little on the expensive side.

Lac Bangles are common Jaipuri bangles made in mud kilns and furnaces from scratch. You can find this ideal Rajasthani product, and the streets would be colourfully lined with these reasonably priced bangles. You can pick up some to complement your ethnic dressing sense.

Bracelets in Bapu Bazar
Credits – Wikimedia

Ethnic Jewellery is another speciality item available in Bapu Bazaar. The shops are stuffed with piles of ethnic neck-pieces, chic earrings, sequined necklaces etc. Also, you can get the precious stone studded royal looking rings and other related accessories.

Apart from the mojari shoes, leather products which are little expensive are also a common favourite of the travellers. The sandstone and marble products along with the different handicrafts products available in the Bapu Bazaar bring out the nature of the state of Rajasthan and its heritage. The handicrafts items, in fact, are the best memorial that one can buy from this famous bazaar.

Bapu Bazar: Tips for visiting

Avid bargainers benefit the most here because the products are usually unreasonably priced, especially for tourists. Make sure you haggle and get a good deal before actually buying anything. Other than that, don’t forget to try the mouth-watering kulfi-falooda and beat the heat while strolling the bustling streets. It is one of the best things to do in Jaipur.

Bapu Bazaar: Unique features

Bargaining is very common in the stores of Bapu Bazaar. Learn the art of bargaining to get the best purchase while visiting this market. The more you learn to bargain the better will be the buyer. Bargaining in Bapu Bazaar can help visitors get the best buy.

Jaipur market
Credits – Pexels

However, one can just stroll past the shops or take a Bapu Bazaar tour. While touring around the shops, the travellers will get to witness the vibrancy and the colourfulness of Bapu Bazaar.

Bapu Bazar: linking road extension

Linking Road is an attached extension to the Bapu Bazaar. You can visit the shops here, usually famous for their chic jewellery studded with semi-precious stones and diverse patterns. You can get all sort of junk jewellery from trinkets to anklets to scarves and stoles to earrings and neck-pieces. Other items available would be Bandhanwar, handicrafts, puppets, wall hangings etc. Also, you can find small eateries, mobile food carts and little pavement shops which mostly sell street foods. Also, you can have the Gol gappas and Kulfi- Falooda – two special Rajasthani foods one should miss when at Bapu Bazaar.

Local products in Jaipur market
Credits – Pixabay

How to reach the Bazar

Bapu Bazaar is located at Chaura Raasta which is approximately 3 to 4 km from the railway station. The most straightforward way to reach there is to take private cabs or auto-rickshaws from any part of the city. This is one of the important things to know about Bapu Bazar.

Shopaholics looking for a great place to shop in Jaipur? Then head to Bapu Bazar which is one of the best bazaars in Jaipur. Plan a trip to Jaipur with Pickyourtrail and have a memorable trip with your loved ones. We are pretty sure this Bazar has enough reasons for one to have a tour and shouldn’t be missed out.

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