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8 Exciting Ways to Spend your Evenings in Krabi

In the southern part of Thailand lies an island with a naturally picturesque setting, with huge limestone cliffs standing against the clear blue sky that seems to transcend into the dreamy ocean. Yes, we are talking about Krabi, one of the most beautiful beaches of Thailand which is known to offer its visitors with thrilling views, exciting activities, dynamic nightlife and naturally alluring places to visit. All major airports have direct flights to Krabi which makes it easier for people from all around the world to reach here.


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The serene and peaceful mornings of Krabi completely transforms into a huge party town by the evening. The entire island lit up with thousands of lights as the dusk falls and people start flocking in pubs and bars. People dancing, singing, drinking, and partying on the beaches and the beach-side bars are a common scenario in Krabi which you can enjoy on your Krabi tour package from India. There are also a host of other activities to do in the evening apart from partying. If you are in Krabi, here’s how you can make the most out of it:

8 Exciting Ways To Spend Evenings in Krabi

  • Take a Sunset Kayaking Trip
  • Shop at the Krabi Night Market
  • Dine in a Cave Restaurant
  • Watch Ladyboys Dance at the Blue Dragon Cabaret
  • Spend the Night at Ao Nang Centre Point
  • Go for a Romantic Sunset Dinner Cruise
  • Watch the Sunset from the Khao Ngon Nak Viewpoint
  • Spend your Evening at a Local Pub or Bar

1. Take a Sunset Kayaking Trip

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Enjoy the sunset kayaking trip at Krabi with your friends and family for a one-of-a-kind experience. Go past the dense mangrove forests and huge limestone cliffs as you row through the marvellous ocean water. Enjoy the unadulterated view of the sunset as it prepares to set for the day turning the sky crimson red in colour.

2. Shop at the Krabi Night Market

krabi night market
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Ever been to a market that comes to life at night and receives huge footfalls every week? The Krabi night market is known for selling delicious food, fashion clothing, and accessories. The market goes live for three days a week, from Friday to Sunday from 5 PM to 10 PM. With more than 50 stalls, this market is undoubtedly the best shopping destination in Krabi.

3. Dine in a Cave Restaurant

cave restaurant
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Experience the luxury of candle-light dinner inside a real limestone cave with your better half in Krabi. Krabi is blessed with numerous natural caves, some of which are really huge. This one-of-a-kind experience of eating delicious food in a completely natural environment is surely something to look forward to.

4. Watch Ladyboys Dance at the Blue Dragon Cabaret

cabaret ladyboy
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Visit the Blue Lagoon Cabaret to enjoy a scintillating performance by the Ladyboys, the respected third genders of Thailand. The extravagant costumes and the colourful décor are something that you shouldn’t miss watching when you are in Krabi. There are 3 shows that take place per night, 8 PM, 9:30 PM and 11 PM. The audiences are also served with complimentary drinks during the show.

5. Spend the Night at Ao Nang Centre Point

nightlife krabi
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The Ao Nang Centre point is a buzzing entertainment complex with 3 floors covering various shops, restaurants, pubs and movie theatres. Live performances take place all through the evening with Ladyboys dancing, men and woman singing and DJs playing in bars. The shopping complex is frequented by visitors and locals to catch up with friends over a bottle of beer.

6. Go for a Romantic Sunset Dinner Cruise

dinner cruise
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Nothing beats the beauty and charm of a sunset dinner cruise and how can Krabi stay behind when it comes to luxury dining on the ocean? There are a handful of sunset dinner cruise services in Krabi. Each comes with different entertainment packages for the entire evening like dance performances, live bands, DJs, and games to make your dinner date even more memorable on your customized Krabi tour package.

7. Watch the Sunset from the Khao Ngon Nak Viewpoint

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Hike through the uneven trails to reach the top of the Khao Ngon Nak viewpoint and watch the spectacular sunset from there. The entire bird-eye view of the island looks very mesmerizing.

8. Spend your Evening at a Local Pub or Bar

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In Krabi, it’s rare to run out of options to spend your evenings. The environment is so lively and happening that even if you are in no mood to go out, you’ll be attracted to join the crazy crowd enjoying the Krabi nightlife. For days, you feel like you’ve run out of options to do something for the evening, head on to a bar or a pub.


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