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Kudahuvadhoo island beach
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Kudahuvadhoo island- A travel guide to this beautiful Maldivian island

Known for its mysterious hawittas or mounds, historic temples and urban delights superbly combined with the rolling blue waters, Kudahuvadhoo in Maldives beckons tourists for a go-to to this great location. The island lies 180 km south of the country’s capital, Male. The capital of Dhaal Atoll, this precise tourist spot gives a lot of activities that visitors can enjoy, whilst additionally being the appropriate get away from the bustle of metropolis life. Clear blue waters, rolling greenery, sparkling air, and delightful cuisine are just some of the attractions of this beautiful island.

This vicinity is understood for engaging vacationers with its superb natural vegetation, high-quality tradition, panoramic perspectives, and natural beauty. Thor Heyerdahl, who explored the island within the early 1980s, wrote that the historic coral-stone mosque of Kudahuvadhoo possesses the finest masonry ever in the world. These mounds are believed to pre-date the Islamic duration and are truly ruins of unexcavated Buddhist temples.

How to reach Kudahuvadhoo island

Kudahuvadhoo island
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Kudahuvadhoo is positioned within the inhabited islands of South Nilande atoll within the archipelago of Maldives, draws a massive wide variety of travellers from around the world. Capital of Atoll, this small island has a populace of only 2506, as according to the census conducted in 2014. This island in the Maldives is likewise the right area to visit for all the ones folks who are searching out a destination to revel in a very enjoyable vacation. The vicinity is also popular for the mysterious mounds additionally known as Hawittas, that are the ruins of the well-known Buddhist temples, existed before the tenth century.

Those who are making plans to go to Kudahuvadhoo could be happy to know that the Dhalu airport, placed in Kudahuvadhoo is now open to the public and has an 1800 meters lengthy runway which makes it the Maldives’ one of the longest airport. The establishing of the airport for the public has additionally made the journey to Kudahuvadhoo easy for tourists. The vicinity is full of superb places of interest, breathtaking landscapes, white sand beach, lovely climate, welcoming humans and diving sites, which additionally makes this location quite well-known a number of the divers.

Top Attractions in Kudahuvadhoo island

Old mosque in Kudahuvadhoo island
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One of the main landmarks of Kudahuvadhoo island is the Old mosque, that’s a must go to vicinity for travellers. The mosque is a great instance of true craftsmanship and a nice vicinity to enjoy the points of interest of outstanding stone masonry and carvings. However, the fundamental profession of the human beings on this island is fishing. As this island is one of the popular points of interest in the Maldives, travellers can discover many terrific accommodations to stay and to cater to their wishes.

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For all of you who are contemplating planning a trip to Kudahuvadhoo and questioning the way to reach Kudahuvadhoo can take a flight to Male International airport first. After reaching Male, you can then continue to Kudahuvadhoo by taking a domestic flight from Male International Airport for Dhalu Airport in Kudahuvadhoo. The distance between Male and Kudahuvadhoo is 182 kilometres, so the excellent way to reach the location is by taking a flight to Kudahuvadhoo.

In short, from taking walks on the stunning shorelines to trying out lip-smacking seafood, Kudahuvadhoo is definitely a vacation spot with things to do for all of us.

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Things to do in Kudahuvadhoo island

  • Visit to the ancient coral-stone mosque of Kudahuvadhoo which dates back to the 10th century and it has one of the finest masonry the world has ever seen.
  • A walk along the white sandy beaches of the island that makes it a perfect spot to chill and also for picnics.
  • Do some thrilling water sports activities and also adventurous experiences in the lush blue waters of the island.
  • Scuba diving experience in the gorgeous clear waters of the island. The famous diving spot near the island is Utheemu, a shipwreck dating back to 1960.
  • Snorkelling in the uncrowded Hadigilla Reef which is near the island and you can swim along the sharks with rich coral reefs and aquatic life.

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