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Magnetic Hill, Ladakh
Written by Rajoo on November 16, 2022 Share on

Magnetic Hill In Ladakh- A Road Straightaway to heaven

Magnetic Hill In Ladakh is located on the Leh-Kargil Highway, at a distance of 30 km from Leh city. Magnetic Hill is a small stretch of road, the reason this magnetic hill pulls stationary vehicles upwards is due to its phenomenon of gravity. There are plenty of theories about Magnetic Hill. All of them propose a different logic and are backed by strong reasoning and superstitions. Here’s a look at what each of these beliefs and theories have to say.

Magnetic Hill, Ladakh
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The Myth

Villagers residing in Ladakh believe that  ‘the magnetic road is a straightaway to heaven’ they believe that there once existed a road that led people to heaven. Those who deserved were pulled to the path directly while those who didn’t deserve could never make it there.

The Magnetic Force Theory

This is a sensible theory, It states that there is a strong magnetic force emanating from the hill that pulls vehicles that are within its range. The strange occurrence on the Leh-Kargil highway has been experienced and testified by travelers from across the world. 

The Optical Illusion Theory

Another widely accepted theory says that the hill is no source of magnetic force, rather it’s just an optical illusion, India looks like an upslope. So, when you see the vehicle going uphill, it is actually going downhill.

Best Time To Visit Magnetic Hill

The best time is from July to September to visit Magnetic Hill. The roads are clear at this time of the year and the weather is just right to explore Ladakh and its beauty.

Location Of Magnetic Hill In Ladakh

Magnetic Hill is located on the Leh-Kargil-Baltic National Highway in the Trans-Himalayan region at an altitude of 14,000 feet. Sindhu river flows to the east of Magnetic Hill and makes the surrounding picture a perfect frame.

Magnetic Hill, Ladakh
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

How To Reach Magnetic Hill

By air: Magnetic Hill is at a distance of 32 km from Leh International Airport, which is the nearest airstrip and well connected with major airports in India. From the airport take a taxi to reach the destination.

By train: Jammutawi at a distance of 700 km from Leh Ladakh is the nearest railhead. Jammu Tawi is well connected with Delhi by railways. Cover the remaining distance by a taxi.

By road: If you are traveling from Delhi, Manali-Leh highway makes for the easiest and the most convenient option to reach Leh. State transport buses and private buses frequently run from Himachal Pradesh to Leh Ladakh. Travelers also prefer to travel Manali to Leh (490 km) in their own vehicle.

Tip For Your Vacation

Stock enough snacks in your vehicle before you head for the Magnetic Hill in Ladakh, As the hill falls in the barren region 30 km far from Leh, don’t expect eating joints & hotels in the region. If at all you are that lucky, you might come across a few homestays. 

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