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Maldives Floating Basket
Written by Arundhati Toshniwal on January 24, 2023 Share on

Maldives Floating Breakfast: A Taste of Luxury Feasts

The Maldives is a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean and an ideal place where dreams are fulfilled. The Maldives is renowned for its clean waters, snow-white beaches, and verdant surroundings, making it an excellent location to discover peace and tranquillity. Nevertheless, what if I told you there was a way to make your Maldives trip even more memorable? The Maldives floating breakfast is a one-of-a-kind and spectacular experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life! The Maldives floating breakfast is among those incredible experiences that should not be missed!

The floating breakfast of the Maldives is a woven basket that gently bobbles on the calm water. It is the ideal opportunity to get away from the crowds and take in the natural splendour of the Maldives. A basket full of mouthwatering delicacies shows up at your door as you awake to the sound of soft waves lapping against the shore. Imagine floating on the calm waters of your private pool, surrounded by vivid coral reefs and fascinating marine life. This breakfast is better experience if you halt at a water villa in Maldives.

Maldives Floating Breakfast Menu

Many resorts in the Maldives offer a “floating breakfast” option where guests can enjoy a meal on a private deck or platform in the middle of the ocean. The menu for a floating breakfast may include a variety of items such as fresh fruit, pastries, yogurt, cereal, and eggs made to order. Some resorts may also offer a selection of hot dishes, such as bacon and sausages, as well as a variety of drinks including coffee, tea, and juice. Please note that the menu may vary depending on the resort.

Maldives breakfast menu includes freshly brewed coffee, tropical fruits, breads, eggs, croissants, and so much more, sounds astonishing! The smooth swinging of the basket, the warm sun, and the cool air make the ideal setting for a peaceful and personal breakfast in the waters. The Maldives’ floating breakfast is a special way to start the day and create lifelong memories.

Maldives Floating Basket
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Why To Choose Maldives Floating Breakfast Experience

Your holiday to the Maldives will be even more captivating, thanks to the Maldives floating breakfast! It is the ideal way to create lifelong memories, whether you’re searching for a romantic breakfast, lovely dinner, or afternoon of relaxation. There are various reasons why choosing the floating breakfast experience for your Maldivian holiday is a great decision.

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  • Unique and unforgettable experience: Your Maldivian getaway will be even more memorable thanks to the floating basket. It is a fantastic way to pamper yourself and your loved ones while taking in the natural glory of the Maldives.
  • Relaxation: Spending a relaxing afternoon reading a book or enjoying a cool beverage in a floating basket in the Maldivian style is a splendid idea.
  • Romantic Breakfast and Dinner: For a special breakfast or dinner, the Maldives floating breakfast is an unbeatable choice!  Imagine waking up and savouring delicious delicacies with your partner while being surrounded by the calm waters and vivid coral reefs. From freshly brewed coffee, tropical fruits, croissants, and so much more, Maldives breakfast won’t let you down. Here, you can also have a romantic dinner as the sun sets and the sky turns into beautiful shades of pink.
  • Making Memories: The floating breakfast is the ideal way to create lifelong memories, whether you’re travelling with your family, friends, or partner.
  • Affordable: The floating breakfast experience is reasonably priced and anyone can have this experience.
  • Safe: The floating breakfast experience in the Maldives is regarded as safe and ideal for people of all ages.
Maldives Floating Basket
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List of Maldives Resorts offering Floating Breakfast

Maldives Floating Basket Price

If you are looking forward to including floating breakfast basket into your Maldivian itinerary, don’t wait and book Maldives water villa package from Pickyourtrail. You can also book all-inclusive meal plan, and it will be added as complimentary. The cost of a floating basket in the Maldives might vary based on which resort it is, and how long it is being used. A floating basket can cost on an average price of $140 to $170 USD. While other resorts may charge extra for it, and some may include the cost of the breakfast rental in an all-inclusive package. To acquire an accurate price for a floating basket rental, it is advisable to contact the resort directly.

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Anyone visiting the Maldives should not pass up the chance to experience the floating basket breakfast. So, if you’re planning a trip to the Maldives, make sure to include the Maldives floating basket on your itinerary. Get the best deals on Maldives honeymoon packages from Pickyourtrail. Here, you can also customise your Maldives itinerary and plan your trip according to your tastes and choices. You will not be disappointed, for sure!

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