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Male Island travel guide, attractions and things to do in Male

For a true break free holiday from the hustle and bustle of your routine, escape amidst the pristine islands of the Maldives where nature meets luxury. There are 24 sprawling atolls in the island nation, each being a world unto itself. So when it comes to choosing an island for your dream holiday, you are spoilt for choice. But in retrospect, each island has some offerings unique to itself hence making the process easier on us.

Coming to the Maldives only to blow off some steam and relax all day long? Would you also like a place with a fair share of natural wonders and throbbing city life? Enter Male Island. Vibrant days and equally electrifying nights are an everyday thing in this popular tourist destination where travellers of all kinds swarm together in search of the classic Maldivian holiday. Thinking if you should really visit the tiny capital of this massive, massive atoll of islands? You totally should! Read ahead.

Male is the capital city of the Maldives located south of Kaafu Atoll or North Male atoll. Maldives’ international airport is situated in Male which also happens to be the most populous place of all of the Maldives. Hence any day you can encounter a multitude of enthusiastic travellers enjoying the warm rays of the sun over the picturesque beaches or Maldives’ locals going on about their everyday lives. Male is also slightly more crowded than its island counterparts. Male is as overwhelming it can get with a plethora of tourist attractions and things to do on offer. Take a look at the best ones.

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Major attractions in Male Island:

To much surprise, Male island is as still as rooted in its culture as it’s urbane. Apart from being the proud host of Maldives’ best eateries’ collection, this city largely differs from other islands by hosting more than just beaches and palm trees. At Male, you get to witness more — bright-coloured houses stacked upon cobbled streets and the quirky culture preserved by the indigenous people of the Maldives. Wander over the beautiful neighbourhoods all by yourself and still, you won’t get lost. They are a true alternative to the blues and greens plastered everywhere else in the Maldives. These are some of the must-visit attractions of Male Island:

1. Banana Reef and other diving spots: Male has many numbers of diving spots to let loose the adventurer in you.

2. National Museum: The museum with some of the best collections of ancient artefacts and historic underwater souvenirs.

3. Hulhumale Beach: A sprawling beach connecting Maldives’ international airport to the city. It is easily accessible from other attractions as well.

4. Mulee-aage Palace: Mulee-aage is the place where the presidents of the Maldives reside at.

5. Islamic Centre: Islamic Centre is one of the important landmarks of Male that is worth a visit for its beautiful appearance when the sun sets.

6. Villingili: Connecting the city by a ferry, Villingili is a tiny island that is relatively less crowded in Male.

7. Old Friday Mosque: Hukuru Miskiy or Old Friday Mosque is a 16th-century mosque. What’s more special than the mosque’s resilient structure is the fact that it is built entirely with coral rocks found on the island.

Things to do in Male Island:

1. Visit the beach-laden Hulhumale region to soak up the sun all day long.

2. Snorkel in the Banana Reef to befriend manta rays and flying fishes.

3. Kuda Haa is the best diving spot in Male. Scuba dive to witness vibrant coral reefs or get guided diving lessons from professionals.

4. Deep dive into the Maldives Victory Wreck and learn fascinating myths and legends surrounding the shipwreck

5. Witness the ultimate National Day with the locals and learn the native culture.

6. Window shop in the busy local market of Male, or take a walk looking for souvenirs to take back home.

7. Savour traditional Maldivian cuisine at the best restaurants of Hulhumale. From elegant rooftop bars to lip-smacking street food stalls, Male has got it all.

8. Soak up the laid-back island vibe by barhopping across some of the best nightclubs of Male. Watch out for seasonal events such as New year and Christmas parties, as the celebrations last all night long.

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