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Spiti Valley Mountains (Manali to Spiti Valley)
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Manali to Spiti Valley: Travel Guide – The guide you can rely upon on a trip

The wonderland, possibly one of the best places to visit as a tourist destination, is India. It is an all in one package. It has anything and everything available for the tourists. From rocky, snowy mountains to the dry deserts, India has it all. India is one place which has varied wildlife living here, making it their home. Himachal Pradesh is one of the best tourist places to visit in the Indian subcontinent. As 90 % of the population is with the rural areas, along with Agriculture and Horticulture, tourism is a major contributor to the economy. It is such a beautiful place to stay in. The view of the mountains is just one of the best scenic locations in the world. In this article, we will have a deeper look into the Guide to Travel from Manali to Spiti Valley.

Manali to Spiti Valley: Travel Guide

Found between Tibet and India, is the beautiful mountain valley called the Spiti Valley. This is one of the tallest mountain ranges in India with motorable roads which are perfect for travel. Spiti can be reached using two routes which are Shimla and Manali. But most prefer going with The Manali – Spiti route as it is much sorter and better. It has way better Sightseeing spots in the way which will leave you out of words. This 202 km drive, will be the toughest roads of your lifetime. The water passing will be an adventure of your lifetime. This route passes through famous Rohtang Pass, Kunzum Pass and also passes through the town of Gramphu and Batal. The exact distance from Manali to Kaza in Spiti valley will be 202 km while 243 km for the Tabo town.

The Route of Manali to spite will be the following:
Manali -> Solang Valley -> Rohtang Pass -> Gramphu -> Batal -> Chandrataal -> Kunzum Pass -> Losar -> Kaza -> Dhankar -> Tabo

Manali View (Manali to Spiti Valley)
Image Credits: Ron Mitra from Pixabay

Best time to take the Manali to Spiti Valley trip

The roads via Rohtang pass, Batal and Kunzum pass is fully free from snow from mid-May to October. So This is the best time to take the travel. Especially during the September month, Himachal Pradesh is totally void of Snow and rain. So the roads by which we travel are dry and not muddy. During this season, the water crossing is also relatively calm. Following this, from November to April the roads are completely shut. This is due to the heavy rainfall and fierce water crossings. Most of the hotels too close as this the temperature get to as low as -30-degree celsius. One interesting fact is during this season, the water pipes get frozen and do not get back to normalcy until the winter season recedes.

HImachal Pradesh (Manali to Spiti Valley)
Image Credits: avalok sastri from Pixabay

Duration of the trip

The distance of this trip will be exactly 202 km. Don’t trust the google maps time for this journey as these are tough roads to travel in and will take more time than estimated by a mere gadget. It will approximately take 10-12 hours to actually complete the trip, which is reaching Kaza. If you make a stop at Taro. The journey might even take longer. It is only on Day 2 of your trip that you will actually be able to see the beauty of the Spiti Valley. So dedicate a day for travel to the Spiti Valley and it will be one hell of a road trip.

Spiti Valley route
Image Credits: Google Images

Vehicle of your choice


Driving at these conditions will definitely be one of the most difficult tasks. There are off-road tracks in which you should have to be an expert driver. During monsoon seasons this place will be muddy and slushes of water that you will need to cross. There are also hazards of dry rock slides during the dry seasons. So a car will be a more feasible option to travel. If you choose to travel on your own, then you can have your own convenient stops and enjoy the scenic locations at your pace. There is also another option where you can share a rented Sumo which will cost 1000 INR person. This will take 11-12 hours to reach the destination.

Bike rides in Manali
Google Images: Google Images


Bikes can also be one of the better options here, but to drive around in these conditions here, you should be an expert driver here. You can rent yourself a bike at 1200 INR a day. Bike rides can be quite fun and pleasant to enjoy the fresh air of the surrounding. Plan yourself with an extra set of shoes and clothes as you will be driving through the water.

Car drive in Manali to Spiti Valley
Image Credits: Google Images


There are 2 buses that travel from Manali to the Spiti Valley each day. They cost 250 INR person and it only takes off from the Main Manali bus station. You will have to book the bus 1 or 2 days prior to the date of travel. It will be an HRTC government bus. The journey starts at 5 am in the morning and you will reach the location by 6 PM. This is one way to travel stress-free.

Bus rides to Spiti Valley
Image Credits: Google Images

Places to visit while travelling

Chandratal Lake

A visual beauty this lake is. Shaped liked the moon, it gets the name Chandratal, which simply translates to be the Moon lake. It is found at 14,100 feet altitude, which is 140 km from Manali.

Chandrakal Lake
Image Credits: Google Images

Kunzum Pass

This is a high mountain pass that connects Lahaul and Kullu to the Spiti valley. Multiple treks take place to the Chandrakal Lake and the Chandrabaga ranges to view the scenic natural beauty. This is located at 15.060 feet altitude which is 127 km from Manali.

Kunzum Lake
Image Credits: Google Images

Rohtang Pass

This is the pass that connects Luhul and Spiti with the Kullu Valley. It is an inexplicable beauty that cannot be described with mere words. Found at an altitude of 13.050 feet altitude and also 50 km from Manali. A perfect picturesque location.

Rohtang Pass
Image Credits: Google Images

Dhankar Monastery

Found between the cliff between Tobo and Kaza, this monastery has 4 Buddha statues facing 4 different directions. The walls are adorned with murals, paintings and sculptures. It is at 12,774 feet altitude and also 235 km from Manali.

Dhankar Monastery
Image Credits: Google Images

Petrol stations Enroute Spiti from Manali

Manali has at least 10 petrol bunks. This also includes the HP petrol bunk from the Amar Highway and also Harrison’s filling station at NH 21. You will find small bunks like Reliance and BP bunks at smaller areas.

Kaza has 3 petrol bunks, that includes Indian oil, Kaza petrol pumps and Kaza fuel station. Kaza petrol station is spotted at the Gramphu-Batal-Kaza Road.

You can find mechanics in the following small towns and villages for your quick fixes to breakdowns of cars and bikes.

  • Narkanda
  • Rampur
  • Jeori
  • Sangla
  • Reckong Peo
  • Tapri
  • Spillo
  • Pooh
  • Kaza

Hope the guide will help you to make your ride to Spiti valley from Manali more fun and explorative. Keep a check on the Pickyourtrail for more information on Domestic Travel and International tour packages. Also, do follow the website for more fresh contents on travel.

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