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Must-visit Attractions in Palawan Philippines

Palawan is one of the top tourist attractions in the tropical paradise of the Philippines. It has some stunningly beautiful islands. The Philippines has started to become more and more popular like the other Southeast Asian countries. Palawan’s aquatic species, water, and beaches closely resemble the collection of atolls, the Maldives from the Indian Ocean. The best time to visit Palawan is in the dry season from November to May. Palawan is a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural (UNESCO) World Heritage site.  The Philippines is also a famous honeymoon spot.

Have a look at the must-visit attractions in Palawan Philippines.

1. Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

It is a natural attraction that contains some of the most impressive marine biodiversity in the world. It lies at the heart of the Coral Triangle. Tubbataha is home to approximately 600 species of fish and several other species of shark, whales, and dolphins. It consists of almost half the World’s Coral species. If you love to explore underwater, this is a dream destination for divers. Since it is a remote location, divers can visit the park through a liveaboard boat during the diving season.

Location – Cagayancillo, Philippines


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2. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

This is another globally recognized National Park, less than an hour’s drive from Puerto Princesa City center. The National Park is also known as the Puerto Princesa underground river. It is recognized as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature in 2012. Here, tourists can enter the cave with paddle boats, as instructed by the personal guide. Inside the caves, you will find some spectacular displays of stalactites and stalagmites above the calm river. And, it indeed makes it one of the must-visit attractions in Palawan Philippines.

Location – Puerto Princesa, MIMAROPA, Philippines.

Image Credits: Unsplash

3. Bacuit Bay Islands

Palawan’s crowning glory is considered to be in the Northern part of Palawan. It has some breathtaking beaches and water of El Nido and Coron. The white sand beaches and their surrounding waters give you a vibrant shade of cerulean. Bacuit Bay islands have many beaches to offer for tourists. Popular choices that are generally included are the islands of Entalula and Shimizu. However, If you prefer to be just with your family and enjoy nature without many tourists on the same beach, you can request the boatman to halt at less crowded islands. It is one of the must-visit attractions in Palawan Philippines.

Location – Palawan, Philippines

El Nido, Philippines
Image Credits: Unsplash

4. Small Lagoon

El Nido’s Small Lagoon is a wonder to explore on kayaking. Have a thrilling experience kayaking through the narrow opening between two limestone rock formations. It doesn’t stop here, more jaw-dropping sights await inside. You will have a whole new wonderful experience of entering a fantasy world. You will begin to experience the real fun once as you go inside by exploring many nooks and crannies. This one attraction is truly just magical and goes without say, it is one of the must-visit attractions in Palawan Philippines. 

Location- Palawan, Philippines.

Small Lagoon- Philippines
Image Credits: Unsplash

5. Honda Bay Island

For tourists who don’t get the chance to explore up north to El Nido or Coron, Honda Bay is a good alternative. It is about a 30 minutes drive from the city to the Honda bay port. Tourists can also arrange day island hopping tours. You can have a stop at Starfish Island for some endless encounters with.? Of course, it is evident from the name of the island. Have a quick stop at Luli Island tires that recedes and emerges for a perfect picture.

Next, stop at the Pandan Island to admire the colorful fishes swimming close to shore along with reefs. Plan your trip with a well-equipped snorkeling set. As you would not have a track of time once you hit the crystal clear waters of Honda Bay Islands. Indeed, it is one of the must-visit attractions in Palawan Philippines.

Coron, Philippines
Image Credits: Unsplash

6. Ugong Rock

Ugong Rock is one of the must-visit attractions in Palawan, Philippines. It is on the way to the en route to the Underground River. It is a hillside tourist attraction that offers exciting activities like zip-line and underground cave exploration. Begin your adventure into the cave with gloves and helmet given at the entrance. Hike all the way upwards to see the beautiful views and the cliff point. You can opt for a zip line on the way back. You can choose to do the zip-line in a seated position or let yourself loose and show your bravery. Have a thrilling experience with spectacular views of nature. 

Location- Purok Pagkakaisa, Tage Binet, Puerto Princesa, MIMAROPA, 5300, Palawan, Philippines

7. Tabon Cave Complex

Tabon Caves is an offbeat place in the municipality of Quezon. Want to explore a little bit of history? Visit Tabon caves to learn the history of it.  Only 7 caves are open to the public out of over 200 caves present in that area. It is an archaeological gold mine, with fossils dating back to 50,000 years ago were discovered. One of the notable finds were the remains of skeletal Tabon Man, dating to 16,000 years ago. Moreover, A Tibia bone is considered to be the oldest bone found so far as one of the evidence of Homa sapiens from Southeast Asia.

Do not make an impromptu visit to the caves as it requires a permit for entry. One needs to make a  prior visit to the National Museum in Quezon for a permit. A boat rental also needs to be arranged as it is the only way to reach the starting point. So keep in mind, when you plan to visit the Tabon Caves so that you don’t get disappointed. Hence, It is one of the must-visit attractions in Palawan Philippines, especially if you want to know more about history. 

Location- Quezon, MIMAROPA, Philippines

In conclusion, If you are looking for a relaxing trip, the Philippines in the right place. One can spend all day at the beach getting lost in nature. Do visit Pickyourtrail for any other offers and Philippines holiday packages. Also, drop a Whatsapp Inquiry for any further details.

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