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Nightlife in the Philippines: Dance the Night Away

The quaint little group of islands in South East Asia may seem like the ideal beach destination. An ideal place to unwind and not to mention the adventure, the Philippines is on every person’s bucket list. Apart from being home to one of the world’s most active volcanos, the Philippines also flaunts a great nightlife! Partying on islands are jaw-dropping and hardcore, much more than the normal parties that we know of. Boracay and Manila are the party hubs of the Philippines and your vacation will be incomplete without spending at least one night at these clubs. Watch the sun go down the horizon on this island and start your party with a pint of beer. Read on to find out more about the best places to party and enjoy the nightlife in the Philippines.

Top 8 party places to get the best experience of nightlife in the Philippines

  • Prisma- Boracay
  • Club Paraw- Boracay
  • Boracay Pub Crawl
  • Epic- Boracay
  • The Distillery- Manila
  • Strumm’s – Manila
  • Valkyrie Nightclub- Manila
  • City of Dreams- Manila

1. Prisma- Boracay

This bar is located in Boracay and in the midst of white sandy beaches. You will be able to experience the best of the nightlife in the Philippines by sipping on some beer or wine in the beach-side bar. You could also take a stroll along the beach and listen to the soothing waves as they caress your feet in the company of your pals or loved ones. This might not be a hardcore party zone, but definitely a place you can relax at once your thirst for adventure is quenched.

2. Club Paraw- Boracay

This is perfect for hardcore beach party people. The Club Paraw has some authentic Filipino cuisine that you can gorge on and of course, drink like there is no tomorrow! Happy hours take place everyday just as the sun sets, and this might be just the right place for you to let your hair down and dance to the beats of the DJ.

Boracay beach party
Image source: Google Images

3. Boracay Pub Crawl

Boracay in itself is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. Nightlife in Boracay is literally mind-boggling. To such an extent that you will not remember what happened the previous night! To all the party animals out there, Boracay Pub Crawl literally refers to bar hopping and making new acquaintances along the way. The significance of the pub crawl is you wearing yellow-coloured T-shirts and partying your way down the streets of Boracay!

4. Epic- Boracay

Savour a scrumptious beachside dinner and groove to the Filipino beats in the company of your party mates. There is a huge space that’s available for you to dance the night away. If you’re planning a New year vacation to the Philippines, then this is the place to celebrate New year’s eve. Visit Epic for some “Epic” experiences of nightlife in the Philippines!

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Parties and confetti
Image source: Pixabay

5. The Distillery- Manila

Sounds like a place that eats, sleeps and drinks only beer and wine right? Well, there are no doubts there. The Distillery is known for its wine and beer that is brought from all over the world. Apart from savouring these drinks, the ambience of the place in the midst of some of the best DJs from the globe playing music for you is sure to give a memorable experience of the nightlife in the Philippines.

6. Strumm’s – Manila

As the name literally suggests, this place is well-known for its strummers and instrumentalists who play some of the best collection of songs from the Retro era. Although these people are not professional guitar players, you can still delve into the local music and shake a leg or two. No one’s going to judge you and you can party like there’s no tomorrow!

Strumm's guitar night
Image source: Unsplash

7. Valkyrie Nightclub- Manila

If you swear by high-end partying, then the Valkyrie Nightclub is your calling. This nightclub is the largest in the Capital City of Manila with two floors of party halls. You can dance to the beats of some of the renowned party anthems of Hollywood and savour some International alcoholic drinks and beverages and have the most amazing experience of nightlife in the Philippines. The club flaunts a huge dance floor and you can let your hair down and party as if it was the last day of your life!

8. City of Dreams- Manila

This area is home to the Chaos club of Manila which is a true party hub and a must-visit if you swear by Friday night parties. The club has a sprawling dance floor and is one of the best night clubs in the whole of the Philippines. Visit this place if you love some centre of attraction kind of partying and end your vacation with a bang!

People drinking
Image source: Pixabay

There is a hoard of other nightclubs and bars all across the islands of the Philippines, all you need to do is keep some time apart for it and dress up for the crazy night. You can dance the night away and drink to your maximum. Remember, you will have time to do all of this only during your vacation, so enjoy it to the fullest! The best time season to indulge in some Filipino partying will be during the summer months and you can enjoy the mood of the beach to the core. Make sure you take the public transport back to your hotel or place of stay, as it’s the safest option. You definitely shouldn’t get caught drinking and driving while you’re on your vacation. Nevertheless, ‘say the Philippines, say parties’ should be your mantra while on this beautiful island and making the most of the nightlife in the Philippines.

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