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New Zealand in December is the best decision you will ever make

The only thing better than New Zealand is New Zealand in December. The blue-inked Tekapo, pristine white Mountain Cook and green-hued Milford Sound get stripped of their misty exteriors as sunlight fills their souls with warmth and liveliness. New Zealand has the brightest colour palette in the whole wide world. As if it’s not enough, December brings a whole lot of new colours to the play—scarlet-coloured pohutukawa Christmas tree, kaleidoscopic treats and a dash of sunshine! Yes, when it’s time for others to curl up near a fireplace after a couple of carols and cakes, Kiwis take a walk outside or probably drive to the nearby beach for a nice festive tan. After all, a lil’ summer is what a whole year in New Zealand is about.

There’s more. Take a look at why you should visit New Zealand in December.

New Zealand in December

It’s summer there

Credits: Unsplash

Have you been to New Zealand’s South Island? You may have, but skydiving in a clear sky, cruising Milford Sound in broad daylight and photographing Lake Tekapo’s fully bloomed purple lupins are never possible if not for December. Now that the sky and road are clear, you can drive to Mount Cook for a sunset hike or a photography tour. If you want a summer holiday without snow or indoors, New Zealand is the best place to be.

Christmas is more colourful in NZ

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Talking about Christmas in New Zealand, talk blazing barbecues, eye-popping treats, lit-up streets with giant inflated caricatures and I repeat, clear skies well later in the evening. New Zealand in December is fully drunk on festive spirits in December, Visit Auckland Christmas Markets to soak up some liveliness, take part in fun-filled and charitable Santa’s Grotto shows or embark on a Christmas-special picnic with your family.

More time outdoors, hence more adventures

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Without rain and snow, New Zealand in December is the place for adventure lovers and thrill seekers to unleash their best. Surfing season, whale watching season, skydiving and bungee jumping seasons, hiking and kayaking seasons—you name it and everything falls here in December. If you want to indulge in the quiet and pleasing side of adventures, New Zealand has it too! From stunning towns such as Arrowtown to mind-bending meadows in Canterbury, most places experience full foliage in December—fully bloomed fiery-coloured flowers of all imaginable colours. There you go, the best kind of subtle adventures for you!

For Christmas meal at the best NZ restaurants or picnic by the lake like the Kiwis

Stratosfare Restaurant & Bar

Only in New Zealand can you dine in a see-through restaurant with views to the entire stunning landscape around you. Indulge in a full-blown Christmas feast of blazing hot delicacies and roasted sweet potatoes. You’ll be served just like how the Kiwis like it, and that’s the best thing ever. While a fancy platter with a shining glass of red wine sounds Christmas-y, you really want to make it more “Kiwi” right? All you need is to pick a destination like Waikato or West Coast beaches, arrange bbq grills, pack your picnic gears and you are all set.

For the seasonal delicacies

New Zealand’s desserts are a level up and Christmas is dedicated to celebrating them for what they are. Pavlova, the Meringue dessert with a rich whipped cream frosting and blueberries, almond-strawberry roulade topped with grated pistachios, stollen fruit bread with a crisp exterior, and of course gingerbread cookies and cheesecakes. This paints a picture of a usual Christmas dessert platter in New Zealand.

If not for anything else, you should visit New Zealand in December for its desserts!

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