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Zagreb Streets
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Big Nightlife Awaits in Zagreb

What happens in Zagreb, stays in Zagreb! Yes – you heard it right!

Similar to Las Vegas which is home to many casinos and clubs, Zagreb is undoubtedly one of the best cities in Europe which is known for vigorous nightlife. The capital and largest city of Croatia is a diverse economy with a high quality of living, museums, and sporting during the day and turns into a dynamic and lively at sundown, offering many opportunities for fun and entertainment.

Name the music you want to listen and you get everything – right from jazz, funk, and alternative music, through to new and old R&B, hip hop to edgier electro beats. You can definitely get to know about what that is ‘smoking hot’ in Zagreb’s nightlife scene.

Party Nights
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The city is full of night clubs and bars made for clubbing and warm-up parties so there is no excuse to stay in as its time to face the music and head into town for a party all-round. For party seekers, this vibrating city will definitely lit up the mood.

To make life easier and be prepared for what Zagreb has to offer – presenting below top 5 nightlife spots – 


A hidden Zagreb gem which is located right in the main square – This place has been around for a few years and is an after dinner, before the club spot that’s popular with both tourists and locals (the weekends see it packed with locals). While it lacks in size, this place is crowded with American number plates, beer flags, and mannequins – which in turn makes up with eclectic lights, flags of different countries, and walls that are filled with a quirky mix of paintings and decorations.

Address: Preradovićeva 12, Zagreb 10000
Telephone number: +38 5915 213703
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 7 am – 4 am, Sun 9 am – 4 am

TESLA Power House

TESLA Power House is one of Zagreb’s premier barhopping spots as it has an impressive wine collection and cocktail list, and also serves up delicious smoothies and coffee drinks, making it the perfect spot for a night out. During the day, it is a place filled with creative programs every day in the week and a desirable place for daily meetings and unforgettable evening going outs. It carries the name of one of the greatest innovators and scientists in the world NIKOLA TESLA and is a trendy place to hang out with industrial interior and weekend DJs give it a nightclub vibe.

Address: 4 Varšavska ulica, Zagreb, 10000, Croatia
Telephone number: +38 5989 558194
Opening hours: Mon-Thu: 8 am – 12 am, Fri-Sat: 8 am – 2 pm, Sun: 9 am – 11 pm

Dežman Bar

The Dežman Bar is located in Dežmanova street which is known for its fashion boutiques, florists and design stores, very much lives up to the prevailing ambiance that serves exquisite cakes and snacks, and a Dežman Mini Bar with a separate entrance a few doors down, serving a shrewdly-curated mix of wines, spirits, and classy creative cocktails.

Address: Dežmanova 3 Zagreb, 10000, Croatia
Telephone number: +38 5148 46160
Opening hours: Tue-Wed 12 pm – 12 am, Thu-Sat 12 pm – 1 am. Closed Mon and Sun.

MK Bar

This beautiful old wooden bar near the main square gives its many patrons a flavor of pre-1991 Zagreb known by all as ‘Krolo’ after the writer Miroslav Krleža who lived here. While it’s no nightclub, MK Bar is still one of Zagreb’s most charming dive bars with No DJs, no hipster-attracting tricks, but still crowded and raucous at weekends.

Address: 10000 Radićeva ul. 12, Zagreb, Croatia
Telephone number: +38 5148 30980
Opening hours: Mon-Sat:8 am – 1 am; Sun: 9 am – 11 pm


Sedmica is a cult bar with a 1950s feel and trendy hangout for Zagreb’s creative types, that has been serving the artsy crowd for over two decades. With a dark, slightly mysterious interior clad with black wrought iron and an entranceway lined with exhibition posters advertising local cultural events, it is a creative collaboration of art and beer. This little bar is especially popular with the city’s younger, the intellectual population has been able to maintain the same kind of customers for so long.

Address: Kačićeva 7A Zagreb 10000, Croatia
Telephone number: +385 1 4846 689
Opening hours: Mon-Sat:8 am – 1 am; Sun: 5 pm – 1 am

Things to remember to enjoy the best nightlife

  1. Wednesdays to Saturdays are the best time to enjoy Zagreb nightlife.
  2. Medica is a beverage made with honey and the most popular drink in Zagreb. Don’t miss it!
  3. If you are looking for the best wines in the country, then look out for Risling and graševina -white wines to choose from while Frankovka is a popular red wine.

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