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Dubai in the night
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on May 14, 2020 Share on

Nightlife in the City of Gold – Dubai

Dubai is the capital of the Emirates. Once a deserted land is now turned into a modern-day oasis. It is boasted for its eye-catching buildings and skyscrapers throughout the world. Being one of the seven cities of the Emirates, it is famous for extravagant nightlife, shopping experience, exotic landscapes, and desert safaris. Known as the City of Gold, Dubai is the perfect getaway for many holiday seekers.

Not just the modern skyscrapers or the souk markets, Dubai’s nightlife is exotic and vibrant. With a number of nightclubs and bars, Dubai’s nightlife has more to offer than what just meets the eye. The nightlife of Dubai is also considered to be one of the safest but also promises a wild night. The partying scenes start from Thursday late in the evening and go on till Friday and Saturday (since Friday and Saturday are considered to be weekends). You can see anyone of the famous and talented DJ’s throughout the world performing in either of the clubs of Dubai.

Best places in Dubai to experience the nightlife

1. Armani aka Privé

An iconic nightclub designed by Giorgio Armani is located at Burj Khalifa provides the customers with Armani hospitality. Getting into the club might be one of the difficult things but once in, you’ll be partying with the white collars and VIP.

2. WHITE Dubai

Image source: Google images

Making history with its high-tech rooftop, it has gained its recognition by getting voted in the DJ Mag’s Top 100 clubs.WHITE is the go-to place party lovers for a night filled with rocking music and energy. 

3. Billionaire Mansion

With lavish decors and thumping music, most of the A-list celebs love going to this club. With a very royal nightclub atmosphere, it is famous for glamorous parties and custom made champagnes. It is a multi-venue bar with a number of items on the menu for food and party. 

4. Cavalli Club

Located in the heart of the financial district of Dubai, the place is known for its transformation that happens from the restaurants and lounge to dance floor with glamorous settings and exotic music. 

Bars, Cavalli, Dubai, Emirates
Image Source: Unsplash

5. Club Boudoir

An ultimate party destination to drive everyone’s evening escapade, this place is filled with loud music and good food. The club adheres to the strict dress code and behavior of individuals making it one of the safe clubs for women to party.

Tips for nightlife in Dubai

  • Know what to wear. Though UAE is a conservative country, you’ll be kicked out if you wear anything casual
  • Drink and drive is strictly prohibited in UAE and is a punishable offense, so make sure to take a cab after exiting a party
  • Entry to the club is restricted for individuals below 22 years, make sure you to an identity card along

The City of Dubai has just about everything, if you are a beach lover or party lover, you will be making the best out of Dubai’s nightlife and rediscover Dubai with Pickyourtrail. Best holiday packages to Dubai for the best in you. Unwrap World, unwrap Dubai.

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