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Written by Deepak K on October 26, 2017 Share on

No more laptops inside check-in baggage – FAA proposes worldwide ban

International aviation agencies are planning to ban larger Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) like laptops from entering check-in baggage.

Recently, American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) conducted 10 tests placing a fully-charged laptop inside a suitcase along with an aerosol can. A heater was then placed next to the lithium-ion battery to force it into thermal runaway. The laptop then burst into flames almost immediately. Following this, the suppression system of the aircraft is compromised which can lead to the loss of an entire plane.

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International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is currently examining the research papers submitted on ‘PEDs carried by passengers and crews’, which contains the studies of researchers and aviation agencies explaining the hazards of carrying PEDs inside check-in baggage. Now the test reports submitted by FAA to ICAO reaffirms the risk posed by PEDs.

If the findings are made public and a firm decision is made, International aviation agencies are seriously considering to ban laptops; India is very likely to follow suit. With the increasing share of mobile phones getting on fire in mid-air, the move is expected. It should also be noted that India has already banned passengers from carrying e-cigarettes and power banks in the check-in luggage.

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As per a shocking report from Associated Press, three jets and four pilots are been lost till date to the fires from in-flight battery mishaps since 2006.

Some exceptions might be made for aircrafts with advanced fire suppression systems. And, carrying PEDs in the hand baggage will still be allowed, as the cabin crew are trained for handling PED fires inside the passenger cabin.

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