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Four Types of Indian Passports: What You Should Know About?
Written by Arundhati Toshniwal on December 2, 2022 Share on

Four Types of Indian Passports: Benefits, Uses and More!

Did you know that India issues a total of 4 different types of passports? Each passport has its unique benefits. Continue scrolling through to learn more about types of Indian passports, the advantages of each type of Indian passport, and other information.

Types of Indian Passports

India provides its citizens with the four passport types listed below:

  1. Ordinary Passports
  2. Diplomatic or Official Passport
  3. Orange Passport
  4. White Passport

There is also an e-passport option available for all the above mentioned Indian passport types.

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1. Ordinary Passports

Ordinary passports, as the name implies, are the passport of the common man. The immigration and customs personnel can tell the difference between the average person and high-ranking Indian government officials thanks to the blue colour of their passports.

2. Diplomatic or Official Passport

Senior Indian government officials and diplomats are given the Diplomatic or Official passports. Those who hold diplomatic passports can complete immigration procedures quickly and easily compared to those who do not. Additionally, these passport holders are eligible for a number of advantages when travelling abroad.  

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3. Orange Passport

Indian citizens began receiving orange passports from 2018. Due to its vivid colour, this passport stands out from all other passports. This passport is used to identify individuals who have not studied beyond class 10. People who lack educational qualifications are classified as ECR (immigration check necessary). These passports, unlike conventional blue passports, will not have the last page that contains all of the essential information.

4. White Passport

One of the most powerful passports available to government officials is the white passport. It is provided specifically to people who are going abroad for official work. The holders of this passport can easily be recognised as government employees by immigration and customs officers, who can then treat them properly. 

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5. Indian E-Passport

An E-Passport refers to a passport equipped with a microchip that stores the holder’s biometric data. This advanced technology enables the digital identification of important information like the individual’s name, date of birth, and more. As a result, this enhances the security and transparency of travel documents.

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