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Northern Lights in Sweden

Sweden is one of the prettiest places on planet earth and is a white coloured haven. Best of all, it is one of those countries that enjoy being in the limelight as an arctic beauty. Northern Lights come wading through the skies night after night for this reason. Depending on the availability of solar activity and the amount of light, auroras flare up all throughout the country, sometimes even down in Stockholm. In a country of such astounding landscapes, Sweden’s Northern Lights come as a delight. Next time you crave for them, remember to book a trip to Sweden.

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Jokkmokk, being a town set up right in the middle of the wilderness, has pretty good prospects of being stage-centre of Aurora Borealis. Situated right at the brink of a vast forest land, it is a strategic location for the perfect Nordic experience. You could walk straight into the forest and set up camp for the night or stay in any of the scenic cottages. The town has had century-old markets that bring in the best artists of the Lapland. This winter market has been a long tradition of the Sami people. So this must be an ideal place if you want to catch the Northern Lights while strolling along shopping lanes.


Abisko national park is home to a very special Aurora Sky Station. People from all over the world come to get a glimpse of the splendid show Northern Lights put up above this station and to conduct researches too. The perpetually snowy expanses are covered by mountains and valleys. If you get lucky, you might also run into a reindeer.


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This ancient town is situated right in the midst of the Tärendö and the Kalix River. It has only around 200 residents and sparse buildings here and there. Minimal light pollution makes this town an ideal place to seek Northern Lights from. There’s even a forest hotel here.


Lulea Winter Forest

This place looks like a snapshot from a Narnia movie. Maybe it actually holds secret portals within, it is that magical of a place. Situated in the coastal side of the Laplands, Lulea is a beautiful village of cute wooden houses and a historical church. It is ideal to watch Northern Lights because of it’s location up in the north. There is a dreamland of winter forest that starts off right where the village ends. Go get lost in the sea of white.

Jukkasjärvi Icehotel:

Jukkasjärvi Icehotel
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This town is known for being the world’s first ever ice hotel. Every year, these Igloo-like nests are made from the scratch, entirely of snow and ice. Numerous Northern Lights tours enlist this as their finale. Needless to say, watching the Aurora snuggled up inside your own igloo must be a very unique experience.


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Sleek wooden houses, icicle dripping pines, looming marbled mountains and reindeer! This would be the perfect description of this beautiful Lapland town. These wooden houses, however huge in numbers, somehow aren’t in the way of the Northern Lights from dancing in the sky. Such is the intensity of the place. The Saltoluokta Mountain Station is situated off the road-west. You could also spend the night here. So head straight to this valley, once in Sweden!

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