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Norway in May
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Norway In May

Norway, a combination of history, culture and art, will make you feel like you have come to a place that consists of everything. It is still a confusing question regarding what you should call the country of setting sun and northern lights. Should you call it the land of the midnight sun or the land of the northern lights? This country is perfect for a dreamy vacation. If you are thinking about exploring Norway in May, get ready to be lured by the charm and grandeur of it. In May, spring embraces the country. During this time, the country is laden with vibrant colours and pleasant weather.

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Weather In Norway In May

Weather In Norway In May
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

If you want to know more about the climate, check out the weather in Norway in May from this blog. With the start of spring in the country, May brings with it pleasant and calm weather. The country looks marvellous with streams, gushing waterfalls and blooming flowers. You can expect the temperature to vary between 6°C and 16°C. In May, all over the country, the temperature is quite pleasant.

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What To Pack For Norway In May?

What To Pack For Norway In May?
Image Courtesy: Unsplash
  • As the temperature is pleasant, carry cotton clothes such as denim, shorts, and tops with long sleeves for your vacation.
  • As it can rain at any time of the day, pack a rain jacket.
  • Also, pack your shoes and hiking clothes.
  • As nights are cold in Norway, pack a light fleece jacket.
  • Take medicines, identity documents and other stuff, which you will require daily.

5 Things To Do In Norway In May

Once you have checked out the weather, go through the list of the best places and explore those in May. Norway is full of scenic beauty, so don’t forget to carry your polaroids because you will surely need them. Continue scrolling down and read along to know more.

  1. Train Journey
  2. The Royal Palace Tour
  3. Mount Floyen
  4. Oslo Cathedral
  5. Constitution Day

1. Train Journey

Train Journey, Things To Do In Norway In May
Image Courtesy: Pexels

Hopping on a train and taking a train ride is the most exciting thing to do on your Norway vacation. Journey through the mystical mountains and lush green nature parks. These mesmerising views will make the country seem more breathtakingly beautiful in the spring season. Lofoten Islands, Helgeland and Sognefjord journey, Dovre Line, Flam Railway and Bergen Line are some of the train journeys you can take.

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2. The Royal Palace Tour

The Royal Palace Tour
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Built in the 19th century, the Royal Palace is a must-visit place. Roam around the grand palace, once known to be the home of King Charles III and currently known to be the home of King Harald V and Queen Sonja. Discover the rooms like the Bird Room, which consists of over 40 species of birds, the impressive Mirror Hall and the Great Hall. Here, you can click pictures of the extraordinary crystal chandeliers. Taking a tour around the Royal Palace is one of the experiences you must experience in Norway in May. During this time, you will find a vast stretch of bright green-coloured land, which feels amazing at the time.

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3. Mount Floyen

Mount Floyen, Bergen, Things To Do In Norway In May
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

If you are a hiker or love hiking, Mount Floyen is perfect for you. So, don’t wait more and pick your hiking shoes and leave right away. Hike to this attractive mountain and get ready to witness bewitching Norway in May in the spring season. Additionally, you can indulge in mountain biking and discover Bergen and its stunning Mount Floyen.

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4. Oslo Cathedral

Oslo Cathedral
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Constructed in Norway in the 11th century, Oslo Cathedral was the first church built in Oslo ever. It was built in Baroque style and is currently used by the Norwegian Royal Family and the Norwegian Government for public events. The cathedral of Oslo consists of a ceiling with colourful murals, making it more lively. If you want to find some peace, add Oslo Cathedral to your bucket list.

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5. Constitution Day

Constitution Day, Things To Do In Norway In May
Image Courtesy: Pexels

Are you planning on visiting Norway in May? If yes, you must attend the Constitution Day festivities held on 17th May all around the country. There are a lot of things to do here like attending concerts, parades, parties and more. This day is celebrated on the occasion of the country becoming independent by signing the Norwegian Constitution in 1814.

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Tips for Your Norway Vacation

  1. There are many romantic things to do in Norway for couples, such as enjoying a romantic train journey, attending some exciting concerts, going to theatre houses, availing public party invitations, and much more.
  2. For getting cheap commutation here, walking through the streets is the best thing you can do. Moreover, you can get your hand on buses or monorails to transport from one place to another.
  3. Additionally, you must have your documentation and identity proofs, necessary medications, and some other useful stuff according to your needs.
  4. Moreover, always bring an extra layer of clothes.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Your Norway Trip

Why should I visit Norway in May?

The weather in Norway in May is remarkable and pleasant. It provides you with a lot of sites to explore free of humidity.

What are the things to do on your Norway trip?

Taking adventurous train rides amidst the hills and greenery, experiencing the scenery at the Oslo Cathedral and taking a tour of the Royal Palace are some things to do on your Norway trip.

What type of clothes should I carry on my Norway tour?

Cotton clothes, rain jackets, and some waterproof clothing will be ideal for your Norway tour.

Is there any adventure activity to do in Norway?

Hiking and trekking are two adventure activities to do in Norway.

How many days in Norway is enough?

A maximum of four to five days in Norway is enough.

Be ready with your cameras and capture whatever you can as the country looks heavenly in May. A visit to Norway in May will be a memorable experience. So, set your dates and get ready to visit it. Check out the website Pickyourtrail to find some pre-packaged Norway tour packages. Also, customise your Norway itinerary and choose what suits you the most.Explore our enticing selection of honeymoon packages and vacation packages designed to suit every traveler’s dream getaway.”

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