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Norway In December
Written by Nivethitha Bharathi on October 16, 2021 Share on

Norway In December: A Perfect Guide To End A Year!

Every traveller knows that Norway is winter heaven. From vibrant cities like Bergen and Oslo to the spell-bounding Lofton islands, everything brims and emits the spirit of seasonal greetings in December. Ending the year can never get better anywhere else than in Norway, as it has spectacular open museums, Viking architecture in the form of Cathedrals, majestic mountains and an exuberant cuisine that adds more glory to Holiday season vacation. So read this guide to know ways to spend your dream vacation chasing Northern lights in Norway in December without worries.

Norway In December

Like in any other European country, Norway in December is also all about rich-white snowy winters, Christmas lights, New Year spirit and adventures. But the Norwegian lifestyle, landscape and food will make your vacation way better than you have imagined. The decorated alleys add more cheer to the monochromatic winter. With various winter sports, discounts from hotels, ski resorts and restaurants, December in Norway is all about win-win. But, since it is the holiday season, you can expect locals to be active in tourism activities. 

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Weather In Norway In December

Norway Weather In December
Image Source: Unsplash

In December, Norway will be in its white cloak. The entire month will be colder and wet. The farthest north will be extremely cold compared to Southern Norway. So, in Tromso, Alta and Harstad, you can’t expect sunrise or sunset but the darkest hour during December. But Norwegians always find a way to make the best during the month. Being the coldest month of the year, the temperature in Norway will be ranging from 20oF to 30oF. 

If you are in Oslo, you can expect only 5-6 hrs of daylight. If you are desperate to feel some warmth in Norway in December, then head to the coastal and dip your leg in the warm waters from the Gulf stream. Besides, you can expect frequent rain and snow showers. 

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Places To See In Norway In December Visit

Tromso, Places to visit in Norway
Image Source: Unsplash

While there won’t be much crowd in the first half of December in Norway, it’s better to visit Cities like Bergen and Oslo to visit historical sites, museums and art galleries which otherwise will be crowded. Just because it’s winter, you don’t have to limit your experiences in Norway. Norway in December has so many places in store for you. 

You can start by visiting the Opera house, the funky neighbourhoods, and markets in Oslo. And consequently spend enough time around Bergen, Trondheim and islands to get a glimpse of the past of Vikings etched through the Stave Churches and more. Further, add the UNESCO recognised village of Roros to your December in Norway bucket list as a must-visit. Visit the most accessible islands like Tromso, Loften Islands, Vagsoy and Svalbard for more action and adventure.

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Things To Do In Norway In December

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December may restrict the accessibility of Norway because of the weather. But, it is also the ideal month to pump up your adrenaline and break the generic vacation itinerary. Norway in December boasts a range of fun-filled adventure activities. You either head to Gulf streams for surfing, whale watching and snorkelling. Or head to islands and fjords to venture into winter sport like snowmobiling, snowboarding, skiing or dog sledging. When in the northmost islands, take an adventure trip to witness the Northern lights. 

You can stroll around the snow-covered cities, short hikes in the mountains or take a 30-minute tram ride around the city to capture some beautiful moments. 

Taking a ride in the Floibanen Funicular to the Floyen mountain is a must-do. From there you can go skiing or sledging on a trail you prefer. If you are into photography, you can also use this month as an advantage to capture the late sunrise and blue hours all you want from here. 

If you want to spend your vacation a bit warmly, head to some of the best cafes or restaurants in the towns. Indulge in some of the warmest Norwegian delicacies. Moreover, during December there will be many art exhibitions, carnivals and Christmas concerts. Don’t forget to partake in these along with locals. 

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Festivals To Partake In Norway In December

Christmas in Norway
Image Source: Pixabay

December in Norway is a month of festivals and merry events. It is the most beautiful season of the year annually when Norwegians light up the entire country to beat the darkness of winter with Christmas spirit and New Year events. Besides, many events happen in December to partake.

  • Roros Christmas Market: While you are in Roros, you should check out the Christmas market, a most happening place and a famous Norwegian event to experience. The stalls will be up from the end of November. It will be cheerful with people from all around Norway. Naturally, it feels like a festival. A best place for merry-making, souvenir shopping, and making friends. You can buy everything from handcrafted decors, toys to warm woollen hats and local dishes and drinks.
  • Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony: Not all can take part in this invite-only event. The Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony is an awaited annual event. It happens in Oslo every December and attracts more attention around the world. It can be an invite-only event, but the entire city brims with festive vibes.
  • St Lucia Day: December in Norway won’t end without a parade because of St Lucia Day. This festival of lights takes place in mid-December, where the Norwegians gather and share happiness.
  • Christmas: Christmas celebration in Norway is worth cherishing every moment. No matter which region of Norway you are in, Norwegians surprise you with the most amusing way of celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas through concerts, carols and stage play. Make sure to visit Cathedrals and be a part of the entire procession. 

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Tips For Your Trip To Norway In December

Tips to visit Norway
Image Source: Unsplash
  • Weather in December will be rough in Norway, so make sure to use flights, trains or super jeeps to transfer from one place to another.
  • While the bookings for the first week in December can be cheap, as Christmas gets near, hotel and plight prices will spike. So make sure to book at the earliest to save money.
  • Pack your suitcase with thermals, warm woollen clothes and waterproof jackets to handle the cold. Carry boots, shoes, gloves and gears that can manage during heavy snow. Make sure to carry an umbrella too.
  • Make sure you had two-dose of vaccination with the WHO recognised vaccine. Carry the proof of the same. 
  • Read Norway’s safety protocols and act accordingly.
  • While most monuments, museums and restaurants are closed during Christmas and New Year eve, make sure to cross-check and book an early reservation in restaurants to avoid mishaps.

Frequently Asked Questions For Norway In December

Is it worth spending my Christmas holidays in Norway?

Yes, Norway has many Christmas and winter activities that can make your vacation is worth every penny you spend.

Will I be able to see Northern Lights in Norway in December?

Yes, in the Northern arctic region of Norway, there will be more darkest hours. Naturally, you have more chances to witness the Northern lights in December than in any month.

What are the best ski resorts destinations in Norway?

Geilo, Trysil Municipality, Oppadal, Lillehammer and Drammen.

What are the famous cities in Norway?

Oslo, Bergen, Alesund, Tromso, Trondheim and Stavanger are some of the famous cities in Norway.

Now that you know how special it is to visit Norway in December, start planning for your next Christmas vacation to Norway. Either spend your Christmas eve while admiring the beauty of Northern lights or celebrate New Year eve while cruising in the Nordic sea. If it is hard to choose one, do both. Because whatever you choose, there is no space for disappointments when you are in Norway in December. Wait no more and customise your Norway itinerary in Pickyourtrail or effortlessly choose a pre-designed Norway vacation package.

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