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Norway In November
Written by Nivethitha Bharathi on November 17, 2022 Share on

Norway In November: A Guide For No-Worries Tour!

Norway’s geographical advantage comes from being situated in the Arctic circle. From chasing northern lights, pleasant train rides, sailing along the gorgeous fjords to walking around historic towns and museums, vacation in Norway gets livelier. Norway has a different vibe in a different season. Norway in November has its unique code that enchants the tourist with breathtaking views, hands down nightlife and mind-blowing adventures while everything gets cosy as Norway dazzle in its new white coat of winter. So, read up this Norway in November guide that set the foundation for a vacation of the lifetime.

Norway is classical beauty

Norway In November

With winter slowly setting its feet into November, Norway wears its final autumn colours for the first half of the months and the next half of the month becomes an ideal spot for winter vacay. From relishing flavourful German cuisines in Oslo’s local restaurants to living it up by skiing in Svalbard, November is a hardcore month to go for vacation. Are you are an adventure enthusiast who likes to get the most of your vacation without worrying about crowds and expenses? Then, visiting Norway in November is the ideal moment. There will be fewer tourists, so the restaurants, flight tickets and hotels get cheaper.

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Weather In Norway In November

Weather in Norway In November
Image Source: Unsplash

Like mentioned earlier, November is the month where the Autumn bid adieu and winter says hello. So, the temperature will be crisp in the beginning and turns colder and colder as reddish-yellow leaves get replaced by snowflakes. Only the Norwegian coasts will be a bit warm. In Oslo, the temperature range between 3oC to -1.5oC. You can expect some rain in certain regions too. The south part of Norway has a temperature that falls within 29oF- 41oF. Whereas in North winter sets in earlier so the temperature drops to minus. Besides, the sun won’t rise in many fjords and islands. The weather fluctuates from place to place in November.

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Places To See In Norway In November Visit

Bergen, Norway
Image Source: Unsplash

During the first half of November, it is better to visit nature bound outdoor sites as the weather will be suitable. You can access stunning fjords like the Lifijorden, the Geirangerfjord, the Aurlandsfjord and more out of 1200 fjords through cruise and speedboats. There are also 47 national parks in Norway, where Rondane National Park and Jotunheimen are suitable to visit during November. 

Visit Oslo and Bergen to spend a cosy stay, admire the cityscape and dine rich Nordic cuisine. These cities are ideal places to hang out with your partner or friends during the second half of November, as the temperature will be cold and the weather will be wet in November. So visit the culturally and historically rich Fram Museum and Arctic Museum, old Viking monuments and cathedrals in Bergen and Loften Island. Tromso and Mount Floyan to experience winter and snowfall.

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Things To Do In Norway In November

Northern Lights, Things to do in Norway in November
Image Source: Pixabay

Being crowd less, accessible, and cheaper as it is off-season, Norway in November is ideal to do various activities. You can either engage in series of winter activities, take walking tours around the city, explore monuments and dine in on-demand restaurants without waiting in queues or emptying your pockets. 

Take the weather as an opportunity in Northern Norway and venture cross-country skiing, dog sledging, snowmobiling and hiking. Your visit to Norway in November won’t be complete without tasting Langoustines and other local seafood. So indulge in a warm Nordic feast in a local restaurant after exploring Vigeland Sculpture Park and Akerselva River.

Arctic waters are perfect for Island hopping. So make sure to add a Hurtigruten cruise trip to your bucket list. Sail to admire the gorges and fjords on the Nordic sea. Visit Tromso and Lofton Islands to witness the magical movement of the Northern Lights. Book a trip to Flam Railway to climb the snowcapped mountain or admire the countryside between Gudvangen and Bergen. Also, November in Norway is perfect to meet and interact with one of the Nordic indigenous communities, Sami. 

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Festivals To Partake In Norway In November

Whale Watching event
Image Source: Unsplash

Norwegians culture and their love for art and music is the reason for myriad events, festivals and exhibitions that happen annually. November is Norway also two famous festivals to look out for and partake in during your holiday.

  • Tromso Whale Watching: Tromso is one of the ideal places for whale watching, and there is no doubt about it. And November is a significant month when there will be frequent sightings of this majestic creature. To celebrate and dote the whales, people from every part of the world come to Tromso to visit this northern city of Norway.
  • Rakfisk Festival: It is a annual festival that locals in the town of Fagernes hosts to celebrate and honour the semi-fermented trout fish delicacy, Rakfisk. This festival is the largest food festival in Norway that happens in the 1st week of November. With over 25,000 visitors and tourists visit every year to partake. Then entire town transforms into a large marketplace, spread with stalls of fish producers, local food stalls, handicrafts and souvenir shops. You can sample taste foods in almost 100s of stalls. The festival becomes more lively by the concerts that happen.

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Tips For Your Trip To Norway In November

Tips for your trip to Norway In November
Image Source: Unsplash
  • Make sure to include warm clothes, sweaters, thermals and waterproof jackets.
  • To handle random sunny days, carry lighter clothes.
  • Pack some winter gear, grip shoes, boots and umbrella. 
  • Most of the monuments, restaurants and seasonal hotels will be closed during this time. So make sure to check beforehand.
  • Follow Norway’s Covid-19 safety protocols and wear masks in required places.
  • Make sure you have been vaccinated by WHO recognised vaccines.

Frequently Asked Questions For Norway In November

Is November an ideal month to visit Norway?

If you want to experience Norway peacefully without the clamour of crowds and want to save money, November is the ideal month to visit.

Is Norway an expensive destination?

Yes! Norway is notable for being one of the pricy countries to visit in Europe. Everything from accommodation, food to transportation will be expensive, especially during the peak travel season.

What are the ideal road trips to take in Norway in November?

Oslo to Bergen Scenic Road Trip and Western Norway Fjord Road Trop.

Do Norwegians speak English?

Yes, English plays a significant part in the educational curriculum in most of Norway. So most Norwegians speak English on a high level.

What are some of the Michelin restaurants to visit in Norway in November?

Maaemo, Re-Naa, Bare, Omakase, Spilsalen and Fagn are some of the renowned Michelin restaurants in Norway.


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