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offbeat things to do in Thailand
Written by Akshaya Seshadri on June 16, 2018 Share on

Top 8 Offbeat Things to do in Thailand

Thailand will bring joy to all with the top places like Wat Arun and Wat Pho temple. Or things to do like- heading out to Chiang Mai to dance crazy in the beaches all night long. As interesting as embarking on fashion parades at Hua Hin and Pattaya sounds, what if you could venture off the track and carry back home some wacky memories? Confused about what Thailand has to offer for a traveller? Pickyourtrail’s list of offbeat things to do in Thailand is here to guide and help you with activities during your customized Thailand tour. Get in touch with us and book now!


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1. Pai

Pai,offbeat things to do in Thailand
Image credit- unsplash

Pai is where you can find locals doing what they do the best- chilling! Head to Pai where you will drown in the absolute beauty of the landscapes and forest lanes. Nature at it’s best will be an understatement to describe this place. Road trips work grand here and Tham Lod caves is a must visit.

2. Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan,offbeat things to do in Thailand
Image credit- unsplash

Whether it’s lying on the sandy beaches or hiking into the jungle arena. Let’s say a bit of diving into the turquoise waters and feeling enriched – Koh Phangan island is the place to be. The Haad Rin beach will drive you mad with its insane party scenes on during night time. Drinks, dance and heavy music – a visit to Koh Phangan is one of the top off-beat things to do in Thailand.

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3. Visit a snake farm

Bangkok snake farm,offbeat things to do in Thailand
Image credit- unsplash

If you are a snake lover you must visit the Bangkok Snake Farm where you will be enlightened about the different anti-venin treatments. Not stopping with just that, you also have shows which will demonstrate as to how to handle snakes. As fancy as it sounds, we bet you’d love being there and witnessing the same in real for sure, making it one of the top offbeat things to do in Thailand.

4. Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe,offbeat things to do in Thailand
Image credit- unsplash

If you don’t enjoy crowd much, Koh Lipe will feel like heaven on earth to you. The beaches here have white sand and deep green waters. Since it’s not known to many tourists, there’ll be a very less human population on this island. There are also multiple diving sites in Koh Lipe and you can spot unique water species like the sperm whales and minke whales whilst you are taking a boat ride.

5. Amulet markets

Amulet markets,offbeat things to do in Thailand
Image credit- unsplash

A visit to the Amulet markets is without a doubt one of the top offbeat things to do in Thailand. Guess why? Well, it’s not like the regular markets where you get souvenirs, everyday essentials or food items. All you’ll be doing is shopping for good luck. Might sound quirky, but the legend has it that the market has hubs where traditional medicine having lucky charms are sold. Why don’t you buy a few and see if good fortune and luck flows in your way?

6. Koh Chang

Koh Chang,offbeat things to do in Thailand
Image credit- unsplash

You might not have heard of Koh Chang, a beautiful island located in Eastern Thailand. However, this island is enriched with an ample number of jungles and picturesque white sand beaches. The jungle trails are not just great for hiking and walking but at the end of the trails, you will discover the hidden waterfalls. The pools in these waterfalls are so blue that you will want to dip a brush and paint your own deep skies and oceans. Scuba diving can be tried as well after which you can head to the bar & cafes on the beach for a LIT nightlife. A visit to Koh Chang is without a doubt one of the top offbeat things to do in Thailand.

7. Puek Tian Beach, Phetchaburi

Puek Tian Beach,offbeat things to do in Thailand
Image credit- onlychaam

Quite near to the Cha Am beach resort lies the Puek Tian beach in the Phetchaburi Province. Keep your cameras ready for you can spot multiple unusual statues. The characters you’ll find are majorly from the Thai poems, the famous one being – the lady standing huge with her eyes and mouth wildly opened. Pay a visit to Puek Tian beach and get some weird, yet interesting memories made.

8. Khao Chi Chan, Chonburi

Head to Khao Chi Chan where you can find a huge Buddha design sketched on the sides of the mountain area. It was built in the year 1995 to pay respect to the mountains which were destroyed for social purposes. Another main reason behind this construction is to honour the late Thai king, Bhumibol. A selfie or two around Khao Chi Chan would work just perfect on your Instagram page.


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