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Working from home
Written by Preetha Manivelan on October 21, 2020 Share on

Can You Believe That You Can Work Remotely In Dubai With A One-Year Work Visa?

Tired of working from home? – Here is the best news to make your day. What if I tell you that you can actually live in Dubai without compromising on your work? I know you will be like ‘What? Seriously?’ but it’s true. Dubai now offers you the perfect work-life balance ever. You can work remotely in Dubai by choosing the one-year virtual working programme which is yet another amazing idea that has been implemented in Dubai. In such a place like Dubai, you don’t even have to worry about safety as the whole country of UAE follows all the rules and regulations concerning the safety of people.

What is this programme all about?

The one-year virtual working programme is something positive coming your way, boosting your mood and making it comfortable to work away from your colleagues in these tough times. This new programme lets you visit, stay and work from Dubai for your company located overseas. Not only it allows you but your family too, making sure you are not homesick. After all, we all are already exhausted working from home, right? Don’t you think we need a change in the work from the home setup? And now that you have a chance to change it to somewhere dreamy, who wouldn’t?

Interestingly, this programme is attracting not only the tourists but many other countries so yes, you will soon have numerous options. Keep reading to know more about the one-year virtual working programme, the criteria and how to opt for it.

  • The duration of stay is perfectly based on your choice. However, the maximum period of stay allowed is 1 year if you are taking this visa.
  • You actually become a resident. You get to open bank accounts, schoolings and many other utilities too.
  • The total amount that you must pay for the visa would be 287 US$ ( 21,100 INR) plus the health insurance and processing fee.

What are the documents required?

Here are the documents required if you are choosing the one-year virtual working programme to work remotely in Dubai.

  • Passport with a 6 months validity at least.
  • Proof of Employment which includes payslips and bank statements of the last 3 months and one year contract from the company you work for.
  • Your monthly salary should be 5,000 US$ (3,67,428 INR) per month.
  • Health insurance with UAE coverage validity.
  • If you own a company yourself, then you must be having proof of ownership for at least a year with all the above documents added.

To know how to apply, you can contact here.

See. We all take breaks for two days, three days or even a week from work to holiday in Dubai. But now you can actually spend a whole year in Dubai, working by the beach during the day, chilling through the streets of Dubai during the night and exploring the city during the weekends. So, honestly, who wants to go back to the office and work now? With such beaches, entertainment, cultures, safety and most importantly life, Dubai gives you the best working experience through this one-year virtual working programme. I know, now you will stick to work from home if you are working from Dubai.

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