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Written by Akshaya Devi on April 21, 2020 Share on

Bring Paris to your home through this virtual day tour

In the mood to spice up some french adventure? Since we can’t bring you to Paris now, we decided to bring Paris to you through this virtual tour itinerary. Hop on, the ride is about to get interesting:)

1. Bonjour

Start your day with some classic French music and get transported to the sunny mornings of French Riviera. Wonder how? Philharmonie de Paris, the famous opera house streams some of its best-acclaimed concerts online, where Francophiles can still soak up some French goodness from the comfort of the couch.

2. Amour du Louvre

Tour the world’s largest art museum, the Louvre, from their official website. Whether you have barely woken up or are in your pyjamas, the Louvre will make you feel like a royal. Pair it up with crème brûlée with fine caramelized sugar on top or a simple chocolate soufflé — if you can order online.

3. Bon appetit!

Dish up a French lunch with a plate of ratatouille, a vegetable-based Pixar-inspired cuisine sided with aromatic tomato sauce. Or you can spice up things altogether by trying a creamy French onion soup or Rum French toast to go with the main dish. Sounds tough? Only until you check out this ultra-easy cooking channel!

4. Rues de Paris

How would you spend your evening if you were in Paris? Will you go for a relaxed stroll by the Pont Alexandre? How about coupling it with a typical Parisian playlist? Or you are that sort of a person who would rather find pleasure in losing yourself in a classic novel?

5. Bonne Nuit

Immerse yourselves in a Paris-themed movie night. Choose not any movie but Midnight in Paris, one that transports you to the bohemian Paris of the 1920s. Curl up with a cup of café noisette (dark coffee with a very light layer of milk) or citron presse (French lemonade) and watch the movie into the night.

Image credits: Shangri-La hotel

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