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Philippines in November
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Philippines in November- A perfect time for a quick getaway

Located in SouthEast Asia, Philippines remains one to a number of island; thus making it an ideal gateway destination for most tourists. The island is coupled with just the right mix of adventure, nightlife, traditional churches, stunning beaches and much more. The island is filled with a plethora of adventure sports, activities, natural wonders, scenic wildlife and so much more. Tourists are in for a discover they would have least expected, through the course of their vacation in the Philippines. The island has everything you’ve ever dreamed of, it’s only a matter of time and exploration that lies entirely in your hands.

We’ve put together a ‘Philippines in November,’ guide just for you. All the references and details you may need with regards to your Philippines vacation, you’ll find below.

Weather In Philippines In November

It’s important for tourists to know that the months from November to April – are most commonly regarded as the dry season in the Philippines, making it the ideal time for travellers to visit the island. With the least amount of rainfall coming your way, even the most remote of regions within this beautiful island can be explored and discovered. 

This season is also recognized as the peak season in the Philippines, as the weather remains ideal as well for tourists looking to try their hand at adventure sports or maybe even a hike.

Things To Do In Philippines In November

Boracay Nightlife

Boracay Nightlife
Image Credit – Google Images

Tourists can visit the breathtaking white sand beaches, stretching across 7kms – on the ‘Boracay Island.’ The beach has for long been the most visited attraction, with a number of restaurants and hotels along the way.

If you’re a party lover, then the ‘Boracay Island,’ is just for you. Known to be much similar to the ‘Ibiza,’ way of life – the beach parties are insane with a variety of music and fire shows. 

In recent time though, the outdoor party scene has been banned – given the environmental hazards that remain at stake. Tourists can also try out some ‘KiteSurfing,’ along 5jr beautiful coast in Philippines in November.

Entry Fee: 75PHP

Dine At Waterfalls Restaurant

Looking for a traditional dine-in experience; head over to the ‘Dine At Waterfalls Restaurant,’ located close to the ‘Villa Escudero.’ Welcomed with bamboo cutlery and setup, tourists are requested to dine barefoot whilst leaning under the water. To top it all, the food is exquisite – offering some of the best delicacies of the Philippine cuisine.

Timings: 11 AM – 2 PM

Entry Fee: $23 PHP

Explore Beauty Of Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces philippines in november
Image Credit – Google Images

The scenic excellence of the ‘Banaue Rice Terraces,’ is a wonder in itself – this rightly recognised as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World.’ Majorly used as the base of mass production, these terraces are known to be 2000 years old and are still used for the plantation of fresh produce and rice.

Timings: 24 hours

Entry Fee: 20PHP

Diving At Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan Cave
Image Credit – Google Images

Tourists looking for an adrenaline rush and an adventure of a lifetime, should definitely try out the – ‘Hinagdanan Cave.’ Known to be one of the Philippines’ most exotic of caves, the place is truly an adventure lover’s paradise. If you’re looking to try a hand at cliff jumping or other sports – a wide array of activities are available here. Tourists could also purchase a souvenir or two at the small shops present in the vicinity of the cave.

Timings: 7.30 AM- 6 PM

Entry Fee: INR 66

Ride Up The Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills
Image Credit – Google Images

Adorned with lush greenery and grass-covered limestone, ‘The Chocolate Hills,’ is a must-visit viewpoint if you’re in the Philippines. Tourists can enjoy a variety of hikes and treks that are offered while at the site. The small conical mounds that form the base of the very hill are renowned worldwide for its stellar beauty.

Timings: 24 hours

Entry Fee: 50 pesos 

Festivals In Philippines in November

Higantes Festival

The ‘Higantes Festival,’ popular in the ‘Rizal,’ province is home to one of the biggest annual festivals celebrated in Philippines in November. The significant ritual of the festival is the parade of the ‘Paper Mache Giants.’ The festival is mostly regarded as a dedication to ‘San Clemente,’ the saint of the fishermen community in the Philippines.

Dates Of The Festival: November 22nd to 24th. 

Pintaflores Festival

Pintaflores Festival
Image Credit: Google Images

The ‘Pintaflores Festival,’ is yet another annual festival that takes place in the region of ‘San Carlos.’ Tourists visiting the Philippines in November witness a combination of the ‘Kabankalan Tattoo Festival,’ as well as the ‘Dance of Flowers,’ in addition to the annual festival itself.

Dates Of The Festival: October 31st to November 3rd

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there an ideal time to visit the Philippines?

The months between ‘November to April,’ remain the best time to visit the Philippines – as they are considered to be the months wherein the island witnesses it’s dry season.

What would be the average cost for a 2-3 day visit to the Philippines? 

On an average, it would cost about 52$ on a daily basis – for a 3 day trip to the island.

What is the Philippines known for?

Most popular for its collection of 7,641 islands, known for its rich diversity and stinky beautiful beaches – the islands themself remain the most popular destinations visited by tourists.

Is safety a concern in the Philippines?

Like most other Southeast Asian countries, the Philippines is regarded as one of the safer places for tourists to visit and enjoy. You can explore this beautiful island without the fear of ‘safety,’ being on your mind.

When is the maximum number of tourists seen in the Philippines?

The maximum number of tourists visit the island between the months of ‘November and February.’ This remains the peak of tourism in the island.

Thus, there are endless reasons that outnumber why you wouldn’t want to go ahead and kick-start your bookings for a travel to Philippines in November. 

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